Egyptian cats, the most ancient figurative and "nude" in stone

Ancient art today: archaeological news often remains in the shadows, but we have collected the most interesting recent finds and discoveries.

Dozens of cat mummies and hundreds of figurines found in Egyptian tombs

The Egyptian archaeological mission found dozens of cat mummies, statues and a large collection of mummified scarab beetles, hidden in seven sarcophagi of about 6000 years old. The tombs are found at a site located on the edge of the pyramids complex at Saqqara, south of Cairo. Sarcophagi belong to the time of the V dynasty - the ancient Egyptian dynasty of the pharaohs of the era of the Old Kingdom, which ruled around 2504–2347 BC. e.
Along with the mummies, statuettes depicting cats were found - about a hundred gilded and wooden figures and one bronze dedicated to the cat goddess Bastet. Cats, as you know, held a special place in ancient Egypt.
As for the mummified beetles found, Mostafa Vaziri, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, said that these are the first mummies of scarabs that were found in the area. One of the tombs found has not yet been discovered. The head of the Sakkara district, Mohamed Youssef, said that this find is unique because the facade and the door are intact, that is, its contents can still be intact. Experts plan to study it in the coming weeks.Photo: Khaled Desouki / AFP / Getty ImagesArthive also: review of the Fayum portraits

A farmer found ancient Greek sculptures under an olive tree.

Archaeologists have excavated four rare Kuros of the archaic period in central Greece. Scientists took up the excavation after the landowner stumbled upon ancient statues, cultivating his field. “Kuros” is an ancient Greek statue representing the figure of a naked young man — mainly the god Apollo — as well as various athletes. Such sculptures began to appear in Greece around 615−590 BC.
A huge influence on these statues had a culture of ancient Egypt. This is evidenced by the use of the Egyptian canon of proportions in the first quaros. Gradually, these statues began to acquire traditional "Greek characteristics." Unlike Egyptian sculptures, the kouros had no religious purpose. Sculptures found recently under an olive tree are in very good condition. According to the Ministry of Culture of Greece, the largest of the four sculptures is 1.22 meters in height. Kurosu transferred to the local museum for further study. Archaeological investigations are continuing at the site.Photo: Ministry of Culture

Identified the oldest cave painting in the world

At the beginning of November 2018, scientists announced that the drawing, which was found in 1994 in one of the caves of the jungle of Borneo, is the oldest figurative painting ever found.
The drawing represents the images of large animals deposited on the walls of a cave with brown ocher. Scientists have found that the cave pattern is at least 40,000 years old, thereby taking a step towards uncovering some of the mysteries associated with the creation and cultural development of ancient societies. The find helps to study an important stage in human development and how he saw the world around him and positioned himself in this world.An indefinite animal is an image fragment. Photos of theguardian.comThe pattern also proves that the ancients moved to the creative stage of development at about the same time, living thousands of kilometers from each other on different continents.
About this in a report published in the journal Nature, Maxim Aubert, an archaeologist from the University of Griffith in Australia, reported. Prior to this, horse, bird and ivory sculptures found in Germany in 2003 were considered the most ancient example of prehistoric art. Over the centuries, archaeologists have found cave paintings and ancient sculptures, but it was only in the middle of the twentieth that their age was precisely determined using radiocarbon analysis.The cave contains numerous images from later periods. So, "dancing men" could be drawn 13,600 - 20,000 years ago.Photo bbc.comArthiv: read us in Telegram and look in InstagramAccording to,, tornosnews. gr,