Picasso's painting, stolen six years ago, found in Romania

The canvas became the prey of the robbers, along with six other paintings by Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and other famous artists.In Romania, the picture was found, allegedly by Pablo Picasso, stolen in 2012. This was reported on Sunday by the Romanian prosecutor's office. The canvas "Harlequin's Head" was stolen during a raid on the Kyunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Pablo Picasso, "The Head of the Harlequin" (1971). Künsthale, Rotterdam
The total cost of the seven paintings that took the thieves is estimated at millions of euros. The leader of the Romanian gang and his accomplices were arrested and found guilty of stealing back in 2013. However, none of the works were found, and local experts believed that at least three of them were burned in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

"The prosecutor's office is investigating the circumstances in which the picture worth about 800 thousand euros, signed by Picasso, came to Tulcea, where it was discovered on Saturday," - said in an official statement. It also reports that the work is now being authenticated. According to prosecutors, two Dutch citizens brought a picture to the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest. They reported that they had excavated it in a forest in the southeastern Romanian district.
On the frames of video surveillance during the theft, members of the gang are seen entering the rear doors of the museum and disappearing from view. After a few seconds, they reappear with bulky items. Other stolen works included “Lizaz in White and Yellow” by Matisse, “Waterloo Bridge, London” and “Charing Cross, London” Monet, “The Girl at the Open Window” by Paul Gauguin, “Self-Portrait” by Meyer de Hahn and “The Woman with closed eyes "Lucien Freud. Read also: The last thread? Killed gangster, which is associated with the "robbery of the century"Slide with pictures stolen from Kyunsthal in Rotterdam in 2012. Source: Recall that last month there was a hope to regain the large-scale canvas by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio “Christmas by Saint Francis and St. Lawrence”, stolen almost half a century ago. Investigators have hinted that the work, cut from the frame in a church in Sicilian Palermo, is hidden somewhere in Eastern Europe. The picture, written around 1609 and hung in the chapel of San Lorenzo, is often referred to as “the most wanted in the world”, and its abduction ranks second on the FBI list of ten unsolved crimes in the arts. Artur: read us in Telegram and look in Instagram
According to NBC News. The main illustration: the empty space on the wall, which was occupied by Matisse's painting “Lizaz in white and yellow” in Künsthal Rotterdam; source - Peter Dejong / AP