Picasso painting, found in Romania, was part of the draw

The experts hoped that the portrait Portrait is a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people actually existing. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more "The Head of the Harlequin" is Pablo Picasso's masterpiece, stolen from the Kyunsthal Museum in Rotterdam six years ago.The Belgian theater company misled the Dutch writer who composed a novel based on bold robbery. She decided that she had found the missing artwork in Romania. On Saturday, a woman and her partner brought a find to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bucharest, and the Romanian Prosecutor’s Office began investigating. The company stated that it staged a rally under a project about the value of truth. , after receiving an anonymous letter about 10 days before. She told AFP news agency that the “instruction about the place where the picture was hidden” was a “trick”.

Pablo Picasso, "The Head of the Harlequin" (1971). Location unknown
She told the Dutch broadcaster NOS that the hype was part of a performance conceived by two Belgian directors. They sent her an e-mail explaining that the anonymous letter was part of the “Genuine Copy” project, dedicated to the famous Dutch forger Gert Jan Jansen. He made fakes for decades and sold them as paintings by Picasso, Klimt and Appels, until he was uncovered in 1994.

The theater company stated on its website that it would not give any comments so far. In 2012, Künsthal in Rotterdam was attacked by a gang of robbers who, within three minutes, took out seven paintings by Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Gauguin and other artists. Four robbers were arrested and imprisoned, but works worth millions of euros were never found. Experts believe that some of them burned the mother of one of the criminals when the police began searching her village. However, later she refused her testimony. Arthiv: read us in the Telegram and look at Instagram
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