“Motherland”: World of War and War of the Worlds - at an exhibition in Odessa

Family and Fatherland, “Rodina” and Motherland, a play on words and colors, past and future, War of the Worlds and World of War - a large-scale art project of the Focus Motherland magazine combines the incompatible. The project involved 34 Ukrainian artists - friends, colleagues and relatives. Two premieres - in Kiev and Odessa, Mystetsky Arsenal and the art center Korobchinsky respectively. In the capital of Ukraine, more than 30 thousand people visited the exhibition, and one fifth of the paintings did not reach Odessa - they bought it on the way.“Here, everything is like in our life - war is replaced by peace, peace by war, and in the final goal only love and happiness, for which we fight throughout our life,” says Stepan. The opening of the project “Motherland” of the Focus magazine in Odessa chamber and solemnly. Artists, politicians, businessmen and journalists sedately squeezed champagne and looked at the canvases.Grandmothers old women right at the entrance not immediately notice. The piercing eyes on the wrinkled face are trying to say something: Is the pension small? Homeland in danger? But - a smile, without a doubt.The author of the portraits called "Schenevmerla-1" and the control "Schenevmerla-2" - artist Vladislav Shereshevsky. “A mockingbird artist, a favorite of the Ukrainian party” - this is how “Focus” characterizes it. His subtle humor smoothly turning into a graceful banter was appreciated by galleries of Hamburg, Munich and Milan. About himself, the maestro says simply: “an artist from God.”

From the Most High to Satan about ten meters. Directly at the old women looking huge scary ridiculous "demon". The work of Roman Zhuk, an artist from Amsterdam. “Today, with the word“ Motherland ”, I have an image of an evil spirit that looms over my house and wants to destroy all the best that I love and always remember about,” the author argues.

The work of one of the youngest participants of the project Stepan Ryabchenko “War and Peace. On the way to heaven "attracts bright cheerful colors. But on closer inspection, weapons, blood, thunder and lightning are found. Arthive the author explained: “here everything is like in our life - war is replaced by peace, peace by war, and in the final goal only love and happiness, for which we fight throughout our life.” Picture 2011, but now it is particularly relevant, says Stepan. A curious technique of painting - digital printing on aluminum.I see Igor Gusev. This inhabitant of Odessa is called the “classic of modern art of Ukraine”. In 2013, he entered the top "25 most successful artists of Ukraine" according to the art site And this summer, he successfully represented Ukraine at the Volta 10 fair of contemporary art in Basel (the event takes place as part of Art Basel). I ask what he thinks about the project. “The subject of the exhibition - the birthplace or„ Rodin “(family) - attracts through the play on words. I live in Odessa! ”The project also presents the works of artist Nata Trandafir - Igor’s wife. “We rarely exhibit with my wife, mainly in Europe. The opportunity to be represented together in their native land is very good. Spouse is mostly known in Europe, she does the work, adapted to the Western consciousness, ”the artist shares.
  • Igor Gusev "Random"
  • Nata Trandafir "C'est la vie"

"Abstract Art - Order of the State"

Igor Gusev believes that the artist is able to influence society, but for this, society must be educated. “After the Second World War, when Hitler's realism prevailed in Germany, people who came to power said that there would be no monstrous realism, there would be only abstract art. And all the officials were told: "Guys, we do not allow you to hang such an aspect of art on the wall." And they specifically began to engage in abstract art. It was a state order. If the state undertakes this, then everything is possible, ”Gusev believes.The exhibition is conventionally divided into three parts: “Motherland. Present, Homeland. Today "and" Homeland. Tomorrow". The project “Motherland. Present ”attracts with an unusual approach: creative families and artistic dynasties are represented here, among them Ilya Chichkan and Masha Shubina, Anatoly and Anna Krivolapa, Victor and Andrey Sidorenko, Artem Volokitin and Tatiana Malinovskaya, Igor Gusev and Nata TrandafirThe publisher of the magazine "Focus" Boris Kaufman, in an interview with the author of Arthive, noted that he was engaged in a similar project in the field of art for the first time. “It may seem to someone that a difficult situation for the country is not a time for art. I believe that now it is more relevant than ever: art helps us to understand each other better and to establish a dialogue. ”
Alexander Granovsky, co-owner of Focus, echoes him: “Any responsible business that links its future with Ukraine understands that the main investments that are worth making now are investments in the humanitarian sphere. Public interest in culture, eternal values ​​is the key to stability and success in the future. ”... Somewhat pathetic, isn’t it? But we came to the exhibition with the name "Homeland", so we complete the review on a high note.