The artist, who bought the Banksy mural for $ 730,000, is going to paint it

Thus, Ron English protests against the movement and sale of works of street art. However, he is going to resell the “updated” work again - and this is already more expensive.American artist Ron English plans to whiten the work of Banksy, which he bought for 730 thousand dollars to protest against the commercialization of street art. The slave labor mural (2012) he bought at Julien's auction in Los Angeles. At one time this work was dismantled from the wall of the London discount store, and Banksy himself protested against such actions. "For the sake of preserving all street art, wherever it is, I urge people not to buy anything from anyone unless it was created for sale in the first place," the artist was quoted as saying by the Mail Online publication in 2013.
The painting depicts a child sitting on his lap, who attaches British flags to a string. Thus, Banksy condemned the use of sweatshops in the production of souvenirs for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.FrescoFreska (from Italian. Fresco - fresh) - a type of monumental painting, involving the application of a pattern on wet or dry plaster (levkas). Depending on this, the frescoes are divided into buon frescoes and a-sekko. This definition also applies directly to work done in this way. Today, this term refers to any painting on the wall with oil, acrylic or tempera. Read more Banksy “Slave Labor” on the wall of the London-based Poundland store in North London in May 2012. Source: “I had the idea to paint this picture for my good friend Banksy. If I wanted to, I could spend more on this, said English to the British Press Association. - This is a blow to street art. It cannot be bought and sold. ”
English has promised to continue the purchase and whitewashing of works of street art, while the bounty hunters will dismantle them from public places. “I am going to paint over them and simply insert them into one of the walls of my house. We are tired of people stealing what belongs to us from the streets and reselling it. So I’m just going to buy everything I can and whiten it, ”the American artist explained. At the same time, he added that he would try to sell the painted Slave Labor for a million dollars. “I'm crazy, but not a fool,” he said.

Banksy, “Love in the Trash Can” (2018). Private collection
This plan is reminiscent of the trick that Banksy did with his own work in October. Then the painting “The Girl with the Ball” was cut by Schroeder immediately after the lead auctioneer at Sotheby's in London sold it for the equivalent of 1.2 million dollars. After that, many experts of the art market said that the painting, half stuck in the frame, has become a new work of art. And it can cost more than a complete original if it is put up for auction again.
In turn, Banksy agreed to “re-authenticate” the picture under the new name - “Love in the trashcan” - and date it to 2018.

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Based on artnet News. The main illustration: American artist Ron English next to Banksy's Slave Labor, which he plans to paint over; source - artnet News