Fingerprints, perhaps Rembrandt found on a rare sketch

The origin of the prints cannot be confirmed, but who else could touch the still wet picture?Two fingerprints, almost certainly belonging to Rembrandt, were found in a small picture depicting Jesus, which should be sold at auction in London in December 2018. The auction house Sotheby's hopes to gain about 6 million pounds sterling (more than 7.5 million US dollars) for oil drafting, which has more than three and a half centuries.

Left: Rembrandt, "Study of the Head and Folded Hands of a Young Man, or Christ in Prayer" (1655). Private collection
The work entitled “A Study of the Head and Folded Hands of a Young Man, or Christ in Prayer” - a quickly painted sketch in oil on an oak panel - goes on the market for the first time in 60 years. According to the representative of Sotheby's George Gordon, 100% confirm that the fingerprints belong to Rembrandt is impossible, because they have nothing to compare. “But given that they are on the original layer of paint along the bottom edge [of the painting], you can quite reliably connect them with the artist,” he said.

Fingerprints are often found on the lacquer coating of works of art, but they were found on the paint layer in the Rembrandt painting. That is, the artist, most likely, took the picture in his hands before it dried.Fingerprints found on the bottom edge of the Rembrandt painting. Photo: Sotheby's Restorer Michel van de Laar, who, along with scientific researcher Ari Wallert, first discovered fingerprints, claims that the picture was completed in one session. The technique, known as ten eersten opmaken (completion at a time), implies a quick application of colors and layers before the ground dries. According to experts, this method was used only by skilled craftsmen, since colors are prone to mixing.
“The opening of the fingerprints was another indication of the speed with which this work was done. It gives us the latest information about the complex, but fast technique of drawing Rembrandt, ”added Van de Laar.Self-portrait at the age of 51 Rembrandt Harmens van Rein, 1657, 53 × 43 cm The painting was created around 1655. Most likely, Rembrandt was posed by one of the young male Jews who lived next door to the artist in Amsterdam. Surely the painter chose the model because of his amazing appearance. “Christ in prayer” is one of seven similar sketches in oil with the image of this man in the form of Christ, which has come down to us, although there are disagreements over the fact that a part of Rembrandt’s works belong to him.
EtudeEtude - educational sketch, which the artist uses to study nature. Such a recipe for the artist, where everything is simple and clear. An etude is written quickly, precisely, schematically, literally on the knee - this is a proven way to touch the world and catalog it. But the status of etude in the history of art is so unstable that sometimes it acquires a value much more than the final picture, for which he served as a help. He is surrounded by a serious wide frame - and hoisted on the museum walls. So in what case is an etude a student warm-up, and in which is an independent, lively and valuable work? Read further, which is put up for sale, and another one - in the Gallery of old masters in Berlin - are considered unquestionably executed by the artist himself.
Judging by the bowed head and folded hands of Jesus, Rembrandt made a sketch for the painting "Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane." He revealed this theme in several dynamic drawings and etchings, but the canvas - if it was written - did not survive. Regardless of the ultimate intention, the sketch today is evidence of how Rembrandt masterfully worked with paints on a small scale and how subtly conveyed human emotions.Head of Christ Rembrandt Harmens van Rein 1650, 25 × 20.5 cmHead of Christ Rembrandt Harmens van Rein 1656, 35.9 × 31.3 cmChrist in Emmaus Rembrandt Harmens van Rein 1648, 68 × 65 cm Until this summer, the work was rented to the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam. In 2011-2012, the sketch was an exhibit of the traveling exhibition "Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus" in the Louvre in Paris, and later in the museums of Philadelphia and Detroit. Prior to that, for decades it was hidden in a private collection. "Christ in prayer" will be put up for auction on December 5. Arkhiv: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram
Based on The Guardian and Artdaily