Fantasy and reality in the paintings of Maria Primachenko at an exhibition in Kiev

A fantastic atmosphere reigns these days in the National Museum of T. Shevchenko in Kiev - an exhibition of works by Ukrainian folk artist Maria Primachenko opened here. A fantastic gallery of bright colors, magical birds and unusual animals like fairytale monsters, but cute and kind, will not leave indifferent either adults or children. Let's get acquainted closer with the bright and colorful works that reveal the sincere, childishly pure and naive world of the artist!LevMaria Avksentyevna Primachenko1963It is absolutely incredible, but looking at the quaint drawings of Maria Primachenko, pagan beliefs and ancient legends arise in memory: Ukrainian folklore and at the same time - children's drawing. Everything in the paintings of the artist of genius is so skillfully intertwined and internally organized that you feel the musical rhythm of the lines, and the skillfully selected combination of bright and deep colors is charged emotionally.My hut is waiting for a soldier vr naprala vzhe nknalka and sewed people, just dodіlaMaria Avksentyevna Primachenko1989The name of Maria Priymachenko is known not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. Marc Chagall was fond of her work, and Pablo Picasso said: “I bow to the talent of this ingenious Ukrainian woman.”

Help Arthive: Bright, original art of Maria Primachenko (1909−1997) art critics put on a par with world famous primitivists - Henri Rousseau and Niko Pirosmani. Her paintings have become a peculiar phenomenon, because her unique, recognizable style, which is called "people's primitive", Maria herself created, having studied only a year in experimental workshops at the Kiev Museum of Ukrainian Art. In 1937, the young artist received a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris and since then her paintings have been exhibited with great success at exhibitions in Prague, Vienna, Montreal, Sofia, Warsaw, etc. In the meantime, Primatchenko's paintings traveled around the world. in s. Bolotno, where the artist was born and lived all her life, came artists, writers, directors, singers: among them were T. Yablonskaya, N. Glushchenko, S. Parajanov, N. Bazhan, P. Tychina ...

The artist, truly, as they say, “from God,” - Priymachenko created her own unique artistic style, which is already recognizable by everyone today. True, some very outlandish animals are recognized only by the poetic names of the paintings. The artist sometimes invented even small poems-proverbs to her works and gave names to animals that appeared first in her imagination, and then in paintings.

The sheep was rotated out of the way, and you ran into the cage, de girls were tearing up tickets, and the girls were spinning, they were let into Ivan Kupala by their fiancés recognized Maria Avksentyevna Primachenko 1988Charlun to be transported through the little cobubier riverMaria Avksentyevna Primachenko1986

Maria Primachenko wrote mainly with gouache; it is this paint that gives a juicy bright color and gives decorative appearance to a clear silhouette.

Lyudmila Davidovskaya, head of the museum’s exhibition department, told us about the exhibition and interesting facts related to the work and life of the Ukrainian artist: - The exhibition was opened as part of the project “Our time is our space”, which was created 6 years ago on the initiative of the publishing general director Sofia - A "Maxim Melnik. Here are more than 40 works of folk artists from private collections of three collectors, and all these works were purchased from the artist herself.Birds two sisters nears sing spring-tree in kvtochkah Maria Avksentyevna Primachenko1987

- Some of the paintings in this exhibition have never been exhibited before, because, as a rule, collectors are reluctant to show works from their collections. And we also could not stand it and decided to do our bit - we added works from the collection of our museum. And we have one of the earliest works - the painting “Sea Witch” of 1940.

- Indeed, the artist has created her own world - the world is fabulous and fantastic. In her paintings, unusual animals personify the struggle between good and evil. But if you look closely, they are all with good eyes. Often she was told by fellow villagers that they recognized in these images the faces of their neighbors. It was her fabulous world, and until the end of her life she retained this amazing and such childish naivete.Ukrainian goat usyu morku vuherMariya Avksentyevna Primachenko1991

- It is interesting that the artist created her intricate monkeys and crocodiles after seeing them on TV. She was not even allowed to go to the zoo, so that she would not start painting them as they really are, they wanted to preserve the fabulousness and uniqueness of her animals.

“The artist lived all her life in a village not far from Kiev, led an ordinary rural life where she had to work all day. And many considered her an eccentric, because Maria could draw at night. She said: “Wherever I look, I see flowers everywhere, animals, I see them on the ceiling, on the floor.” She painted as an artist, who can not draw, as a poet, who can not write. This was her inner vocation and self-expression. Maria did not become when she was 89 years old, and until the last day she painted, despite the serious illness - polio, which she had been sick from childhood. Her paintings and art helped her live.Two bluebirths sitting in front of mariya Avksentievna Primachenko1984- In addition to drawing, Maria Priymachenko was also fond of painting and embroidery. At the exhibition you can see painted decorative plates and the Chapay embroidery work.Maria Primachenko’s exhibition is lively and crowded, there are many schoolchildren and students ... the girls take pictures with great enthusiasm: they say that it is extremely fashionable and stylish to make embroidery of such animals in fantasy styleThe name of the fantasy genre comes from the English word fantasy - "fantasy". The fantasy genre in art is rooted in mythology, folklore and religious history. At all times, taking reality as a basis, artists add to it whimsical images and forms brought to life by their indomitable imagination. Read more . Folk artist herself now inspires her fans to work!
We thank Lyudmila Vasilyevna for an interesting story and invite everyone to the “fantastic” exhibition, which will run until October 27 at the T. Shevchenko National Museum in Kiev.