Michelangelo's picture intends to "share" the Chinese construction company

The company acquired work for $ 75 million from a mysterious art dealer, a "descendant of the Medici."Shares of the Chinese company Yulong Eco-Materials Ltd., producing environmentally friendly building materials, jumped 47% after acquiring Michelangelo's painting for $ 75 million. The firm, which changed its name to Millennium Fine Art Limited, plans to "incorporate" Crucifixion: to issue 7.5 million shares worth $ 10 each.
The head of Yulong Eco-Materials, Daniel McKinney, said: “We like our business model of acquiring, storing and promoting artistic masterpieces. While various stock, oil and other commodity markets are experiencing ups and downs, art remains in value. ”

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Crucifixion (date unknown). Private collection. Source: Yulong-Eco-Materials Ltd., via Global News Wire
The company said that its reorientation from bricks to expensive works of art is dictated by the fact that "the general public can take possession of some of the extremely valuable treasures that until now were available to billionaires, museums and royal families."
The company intends to promote these rare masterpieces (and thereby increase their value) through "exhibitions and the media."

The press release that Yulong Eco-Materials released claims that the seller of Crucifixion Michelangelo is a man named Ridgeway Mitchell Smith, who is called the "descendant of the Medici family." At the same time, the Artsy edition indicates that such claims are doubtful: the only trace of this art dealer on the Internet is a short review on the Yelp website about an antique store in San Francisco.The Resurrected Christ Mikhelangelo Buonarroti1514, 23.5 × 20.7 cm The sum of 75 million dollars paid in a closed transaction between Smith and the company exceeds the value of any of the works of Michelangelo, which appeared at auctions. The most expensive work of the master of the Renaissance, implemented at public auction - "the Risen Christ." In 2000, the drawing was sold at Christie's in London for 12.3 million dollars.

"Millennium Sapphire". Source:
In addition, this summer, Yulong Eco-Materials purchased the $ 61.5-carat "Sapphire Millennium" for $ 50 million. The jewel was found in Madagascar in 1995. A consortium of investors led by Daniel McKinney decided not to crush him, but to decorate with carvings. The jeweler Alessio Boschi "gave to give respect to the human genius" and cut out 134 figures, each of which represents a historical genius, an inventor or a creature. You can see the pyramids of Giza, Confucius, the Great Wall of China, Julius Caesar, Maya, Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Monet, Edison, Einstein and many others on the stone the size of a ball.

Now the company owner is going to make a masterpiece of a tour of the museums, to release a documentary film about him, as well as to provide for filming "in a number of feature films." Millennium Sapphire has practically not been put on public display for more than ten years. It was only in 2013 that he briefly “came out” when a consortium of investors was looking for a buyer for him. Arkhiv: read us in Telegraf and look on Instagram
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