Renoir's landscape was stolen from an auction house in the center of Vienna

Police are looking for three suspected of stealing paintings, estimated at 160 thousand euros.Three men stole the landscapeThe development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting contribute to the genre in Europe, and why is the Hudson River so important? Read more on the prolific French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir from the presale exhibition in Dorotheum, Austria’s most expensive auction house. The painting titled “Bay, sea, green rocks” was estimated at 120–160 thousand euros and was supposed to go under the hammer last Wednesday, November 28.
According to the Austrian police, on Monday at 17:15 three middle-aged men - one of them with a package from a shoe store - entered the building and went up to the second floor. There they approached a painting written in 1895, took it out of the frame and left. The theft took only a few minutes and none of the Dorotheum personnel noticed anything. None of the thieves tried to hide their appearance.Pictures of three suspects in theft, published by the Vienna police. Source: The New York Times "The men left the building through various entrances and fled," the police in Vienna said, adding that "these were obviously professionals." Investigators have published photos of three suspects who were shot by surveillance cameras.
Inspector Patrick Mayerhofer said that the criminals did not cut out work of size 27 by 40 centimeters from the frame, but refused to say exactly how it was taken out. “We don’t want to give hints to other intruders,” he explained.Auction house Dorotheum in Vienna. Photo: Leonhard Föger / Reuters / The Guardian Such audacious robberies in auction houses are extremely rare, according to The New York Times. In 1984, criminals, armed with handcuffs, stole from Christie's jewelry worth more than a million dollars. However, since such events did not occur. Experts point out that the paintings announced in auction catalogs are very difficult to sell. The auction house Dorotheum, formed in 1707 by Emperor Joseph I, confirmed the fact of the robbery, but refused to give any comments. work. “Pictures are easily damaged. He is shivering at the thought of this landscape of Renoir in the hands of criminals who are clearly not interested in preserving cultural values, ”said Esther Bell, chief curator of the Clark Institute of Art in Massachusetts, where a major retrospective of the French master will take place in 2019. Telegram and look in Instagram
According to The New York Times and The Guardian