Cheaper than € 2000. Classics and contemporaries at auctions in December

Netherlands artists of the XVIII - XIX centuries, Vadim Falileev and ... children's creativity - the choice of our experts."High" sales season ended, auction houses sum up the preliminary results of the year. However, until the end of December, dealers and collectors still have the opportunity to pick interesting exhibits. Here are the lots with the estimate below 2000 euros attracted the attention of "Arthive".


Online sale “Works of old masters on paper. Engravings and drawings cheaper £ 5000 "at Christie's auction house - a real feast for Baroque art loversThe Baroque style that changed the Renaissance, unlike Renaissance art, which maintained the distance between the work and the audience, sought to shake the soul. Of course, successfully: the picturesque pearls of those times are true treasures. To read further, Rococo Rococo is called the most frivolous and thoughtless of all styles in art. Why then is rococo so significant for Russian visual culture? Why does the definition of the word "Rococo" sound so exotic for our ear - "rococar"? What is the main difference between rococo and baroque, which people of little knowledge often confuse? Finally, why is rococo the direct and immediate ancestor of modern glossy culture? All of this will be discussed below. Read further and romanticism, as well as the creativity of the Netherlands and Flemish schools.
One of the most interesting lots here is the bright watercolor Akvarel (from Italian. "Aquarello") - a well-known technique of drawing with the help of water-based paints, invented in Art. III. in China. Water color paints become transparent after dissolving in water; therefore, when applied to grainy paper, the image looks airy and thin. Unlike oil paintings, watercolor works do not have textural strokes. Read more "Urban Landscape" The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read more Amsterdam with a view of the Royal Palace "Jan de Beyer. This artist traveled extensively in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and made many images of city streets and buildings. A drawing similar to that exhibited at Christie's, but smaller and with fewer figures, is stored in the City Archives of Amsterdam.Amsterdam's cityscape overlooking the Royal Palace, Jan de Beyer XVIII century, 25.4 × 37.7 cm Auctioneers plan to help out £ 1,200 (about $ 1,500) for this work, the current rate is £ 800.
A similar estimate at the “River Landscape in Zeeland with the Ruins of the Tower” by Barenda Cornelis Kukkuk, one of the most prominent Dutch painters of the Romantic era. He was a recognized master, "prince of artists", a gentleman of several orders and the owner of other awards. In addition, Kukkuk founded the Art Academy in the house he built in Amsterdam, which is now considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Dutch romanticism.River landscape in Zeeland with the ruins of a towerBarrend Cornelis KukkukXIX centuryAtmospheric mascara sketch "Panoramic view of the dune landscape" by Johann Heinrich Weissenbruch, a contemporary of Kukkuk, previously estimated at a modest 500-800 pounds sterling (up to 1000 dollars). In the meantime, the only bid for the work of a man who praised Van Gogh's talent, despite the latter’s unpopularity, is only 400 pounds sterling ($ 504).Panoramic view of the dune landscapeJohan Hendrik WeissenbruchXIX centuryThe sale of drawings and engravings by old masters at Christie's will end on December 6, so those who want to have time to make a bid.


The international auction house Koller, headquartered in Switzerland, offers a wide range of impressionist and modernist works. Among the premium lots are the works of such “pillars of style” as Emil Nolde, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt and Raoul Dufy. Estimate of their paintings is dozens or even hundreds of times higher than the price level of 2000 euros. However, there are more modest proposals, among which "Arthive" identified two.UntitledMax Ackerman1935, 26 × 46 cmThe first is the abstraction of the German Max Ackerman "Untitled", written in 1935 and previously estimated at 1,670 euros. The second is the genre scene “The Family” (1963) by the Argentinean artist and animator Antonio Seguy. Its estimate begins with the equivalent of 1250 euros.Family Antonio Seguy1963, 36.5 × 45.5 cmTorgi will be held in Zurich on Friday, December 7th.


Making a choice from the lempertz: projects catalog of the German house Lempertz turned out to be difficult. Firstly, 243 works are put up for auction, secondly, these are works by contemporary artists, whose names speak little to the general public, and, thirdly, all lots, with rare exception, fall into the price category “up to € 2000”.From dream to dreamHans-Jürgen Schulz1977, 69.5 × 69.5 × 18.5 cm

Sebastian Heiner, “Forthcoming Departure” (2007). Private collection
The editors of “Arthive” left out the scrolling works (lithographs, prints, etc.), and out of the remaining three.
This is a voluminous collage of Hans-Jürgen Schulz “From Dream to Dream” (1977), tentatively estimated at 800–1000 euros; surrealist composition “The upcoming departure” (2007) of Sebastian Heiner with the same estimate; and the abstract landscape "Untitled" (1996) by Oliver Lanza.

Untitled Oliver Lanz1996, 150 × 210 cm For this modest curtsy towards William Turner, auctioneers are planning to help out for the sale of December 5, 300-400 euros.


The sales theme at Ketterer Kunst from Munich, apparently, could not even be determined by the employees, so it received the general name “Internet auction”. In this “vinaigrette” collectors can find a piece for every taste and budget - from romantic landscapes of the second half of the last century to abstract sculptures and photographs of nude - the art genre, which focuses on the aesthetics of the naked human body. The name of the genre - nude - short for the French word nudité - "nudity, nakedness". Read more, performed some 10 years ago.Winter landscape Karl Raiser 1934, 54.9 × 59.7 cm Among them, the Arthive noted the bright and cheerful Winter Landscape by Karl Reiser (1939) and the almost mystical, laconic Sailboat (1979) by Raymond de Botton, reminiscent of the symbolic images of Mikaloyus Churlionis. The starting price of the first picture is 920 euros, the second - 1160 euros. The auction will end on December 15.SailboatRimmond de Botton1979, 25.5 × 39 cm


Of the three hundred and nine lots that the Vienna auction house Dorotheum offered for sale “Paintings and watercolors of the XIX century,” our editors noted three. First, bright, as a decoration for the comic opera, “Motif Lago Maggiore”. Its author is the Italian Carlo Brioche, a member of the dynasty of theater design artists and co-founder of the Viennese manufactory Brioschi, Burghart und Kautsky. There, among other painters, Alphonse Mucha worked, and the New York Metropolitan Opera was among the regular customers.The motif of Lago Maggiore Carlo Brioshi 1859, 29.5 × 37 cm The second work is a practical monochrome, but at the same time full of light and depth panel of “Sleighs in a winter landscape” by Vadim Falileev. This Russian artist of the first half of the 20th century became famous, first of all, as an engraver and the greatest master of purely easel decorative prints. The picture attributed to him, is estimated at 1200-1400 euros.Sleds in a winter landscapeVadim Dmitrievich Falileev1920-eTretya - the touching panel of the representative of the Viennese Orientalism Carl Wilde. Portrait Portrait is a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people existing in reality. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read the next Arab girl with a bouquet of flowers, he undoubtedly wrote as a greeting card. The auction will be held on December 10th.Happy New YearCarl Wild1883, 26 × 34 cm


At the end of the review, we decided to mention another auction Dorotheum - a charity sale of works by students of the Children's University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The youngest artists are 10 years old, the oldest ones are 21 years old. However, despite his young age, most of the authors in their works demonstrate an original approach and outstanding talent. The starting price of each of the thirty-one works presented is 25 euros. The auction is scheduled for December 17.
  • Frida Schreiner, 19 years old, "Shoroughness": "Because our society is focused on success, children are stolen from their children from the first years"
  • Leah Luof, 15 years, "War": "War brings nothing but sadness, fear and nightmares"
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