Art by weight: win a Banksy sculpture and rate concrete sausage from Zhanna Kadyrova

How much does an object of modern art weigh and why, one wonders, do we need to know about it? The new intrigue started by the famous master of street art Banksy, offering an amazing reward for, in fact, very modest money. But Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova seems to like the impressive weight of her new art objects - after all, for her innovative fruits and sausages, she managed to use ... concrete. We look at the wonders and decide whether to take part in the lottery.So, Banksy: having spent only 2 pounds (about 2.5 dollars), you can take part in a unique auction and try to become the owner of the original sculpture of Banksy. As the artist reported on his Instagram page, the Dream Boat can be yours already this Christmas. You only need one thing: guess how much the sculpture weighs. Who makes the assumption that is closest to reality - he won!Banksy. "Dream boat". Photo source. The sculpture in the form of a boat filled with refugees was created by Banksy as a floating exhibit for his theme park Dismaland. Register and place your bet here. The funds collected as a result of this kind of auction will be spent on helping refugees.
The winner of the auction, who will name the weight of the sculpture most accurately, will be known already on December 22, 2018.
What is interesting - any participant can try his luck unlimited number of times. Not a bad prospect, considering that Banksy's “Girl with a Balloon”, which was scandalously destroyed by the artist himself in the auction room (though not completely), was sold for $ 1.4 million.

The refugee crisis is a subject close to the artist's heart. Several works in Dismaland were aimed at increasing people's awareness of the problems of those who had to leave their homes in search of a safe life. Dismaland theme park - as opposed to all known Disneylands - was created in the city of Weston-super-Mare in the west of England and was open to the public in the summer of 2015 for five weeks. After the park was dismantled, the artist donated wood and other structural elements to the buildings in the Calais refugee camp, known as the “Jungle”.

Zhanna Kadyrova. Project "Market". 2018A turn is a juicy-concrete project of Ukrainian woman Zhanna Kadyrova, who from 6 to 9 December 2018 presents the Voloshyn Gallery as part of the PULSE Miami Beach fair, which is held annually as part of the Art Basel Miami events. In the framework of Kadyrova’s ironic performance called “Market”, an atmosphere of a food stand will be created at the fair. There will be mechanical scales, plastic chairs, and boxes of vegetables and fruits.

Zhanna Kadyrova and her project “Market”. 2017
Photo source.
The Market project was presented to the public in April of last year at ART Monte Carlo - then the public was offered to purchase ... sausages made of concrete in an assortment of an eccentric stall.

Zhanna Kadyrova. Project "Market". 2018 The artist chose the most ordinary materials for her fruit fantasies. Concrete, stone and ceramic tiles are suggestive - and what is modern art, what is its value, and also - what is its price? According to Kadyrova, getting her “fruit” by weight is a very unusual way to enrich the collection. So if you are in Miami - go to the PULSE Miami Beach Fair and buy a couple of kilograms of real art. Price you call at the meeting!Zhanna Kadyrova. Project "Market". 2018According to and Title illustration: Zhanna Kadyrova. Project "Market". Watermelons. 2018. Photo source:
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