A dozen of the most notorious events in the art world in 2018

12 news, events and people who impressed the artistic community in the past year.In October, Banksy tried to destroy his painting “A Girl with a Balloon” (2006) right at Sotheby's auction, with the last blow of a hammer by passing it through a Schröder. But because of the accidental failure of the mechanism, the canvas was stuck in the middle, and so a new work actually appeared - “Love in the trash can”. Which now, according to experts, is worth more than 1.4 million US dollars paid for the original work. This gave rise to a lot of speculation and attempts to add value to other paintings by quite barbaric methods.Screenshot of Banksy video from his official account. Source: Instagram / BanksyBritish David Hockney became the most expensive living artist, when in November, his “Portrait Portrait is a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more artist (Pool with two figures) "was sold at auction at Christie's in New York for 90.3 million dollars. 81-year-old native of Yorkshire pressed on the podium of the record holder American Jeff Koons, whose sculpture "Dog of Balloons (Orange)" in 2013 went under the hammer for 58.4 million dollars.Portrait of the artist (Pool with two figures) David Hockney 1972, 305 × 214 cm, but for Koons himself, 2018 can hardly be called successful. In January, French cultural figures "carried it in their teeth" for the 12-meter-long Bouquet of Tulips, which the sculptor allegedly "presents" to Paris in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015. In November, the French court ruled that Mr. Koonce was a plagiarist: he copied in his sculpture a picture from the advertising campaign of the French fashion brand Naf Naf. And in April, a curious visitor accidentally broke his composition “Magic Ball” in the Amsterdam church. And yes, Koons is no longer the most expensive living artist on the planet.

Leonardo da Vinci, "Savior of the World (Salvator Mundi)", approx. 1500. Private collection
The panel “Savior of the World”, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, did not appear in public. In early summer, the Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi - the owner of the most expensive paintings in the world - announced that it will be put on public display in September. However, shortly before the presentation, a message arrived that the event was postponed indefinitely without explanation. Now the work, which allegedly one Arab prince has changed to a mega-yacht, is rumored to be in a Swiss vault. And experts, meanwhile, continue to argue about who wrote Christ with the crystal ball.

The fire at the National Museum of Brazil was a blow not only to the national, but also - without exaggeration - to the entire world culture. The building, from which only the walls were left, killed documents on natural sciences and anthropology, as well as priceless historical, scientific and art collections, including the frescoes of Pompeii. But efforts to restore the treasury had barely begun, as Zhair Bolsonur, a “tropical Trump” elected by the president in October and awaiting assumption of office, stopped them. “He already burned out. What do you want from me? ”He said.Fire at the National Museum of Brazil. Source: the Renaissance Podgoretsky castle on the territory of the Lviv region in Ukraine for the first time in 80 years, an exhibition was held. Despite the ongoing restoration work, the exposition “The History of Oblivion”, consisting of copies of paintings of the XVII - XVIII centuries and archival photographs, was placed in the halls. In addition, the Poles and Ukrainians presented a draft of the castle digitization, including a virtual walk through it.Podgoretsky castle

Andrea Mantegna, "The Resurrection of Christ" (c. 1492). Carrara Academy, Bergamo
The discovery of Andrea Mategni’s painting “The Resurrection of Christ” in the vaults of the Carrara Academy in Bergamo, Italy, can be safely called the discovery of the year. Thanks to the tiny cross at the bottom of the panel, we were able to identify it as part of the “Descent to Limb” panel (c. 1492), which was divided in the past.
Both halves are now reunited at Mantegna and Bellini exhibition in London.

The demise of LimbAndrea Mantegna1492, 42 × 39 cmMore than 160 works created by the founder of Suprematism, Kazimir Malevich, replenished the funds of the State Russian Museum, which on March 19 celebrated 120 years since its opening. The gift was presented to the museum by Nina Nikolaevna Suetina, the daughter of the artist Nikolai Suetin, the adopted daughter of his wife Anna Leporskaya.
The Bruegel exhibition at the Vienna Museum of Art History undoubtedly deserves some art Oscar in the blockbuster of the year nomination. For the first time in world history, three-quarters of the entire creative heritage of the Northern Renaissance master are collected in the halls. The exhibition is timed to the 450th anniversary of the death of Peter Bruegel the Elder. The value and fragility of the exhibits is such that such a show can hardly be repeated in the coming decades.Procession on Calvary (Carrying the Cross) Peter Bruegel the Elder1564, 124 × 170 cmThe first film made by the artist about the artist is “Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity "Julian Schnabel - was presented at the Venice Festival in September. In this forum, the actor Willem Dafoe received an award for playing the role of the Dutch post-impressionist. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe. An exhibition of works by the director Orsay through the eyes of Julian Schnabel, timed to which several paintings by Van Gogh have become exhibits, is timed to the release of the film.Illustrations above: Julian Schnabel, "Roses (at the grave of Van Gogh) XVII" (2007)
Directed by the picture of Van Gogh. Photo by Julien Mignot / The New York Times

Jenny Savile, “Backed Up” (1992). Private collection
In October, the English woman Jenny Savile became the most expensive female painter living, when her painting “Backed Up” (1992) was sold for 9.5 million pounds sterling ($ 12 million) at Sotheby's auction in London.
This event would be covered more broadly if it were not for the Banksy prank that happened in the final of the same sale.

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