A new record at the auction: "Lying naked" Modigliani sold for $ 170 million

The painting from the “Reclining Nude” series by Amedeo Modigliani became the second among the most expensive canvases in the world ever put up for auction. At Christie's auction in New York on November 9, the buyer laid out 170 million dollars for a masterpiece, with an estimate of 100 million. This is only 9 million less than the cost of Picasso's work “Algerian women (version O)”, which in May was bought for 179 million dollars, becoming the most expensive painting sold by auction.According to The Wall Street Journal, the billionaire from China Liu Yitsian and his wife Wang Wei have become the new owners of Lying Naked.

Liu Yitsyan (left) is a famous collector. In August 2014, he bought for $ 36.3 million a porcelain “cup with roosters” belonging to the era of the Ming dynasty. Photo: Xinhua

See also: Christie's hopes to earn $ 100 million at auction for Modigliani's masterpiece. Thus, "Reclining Nude" was the fourth in the mixed list of the most expensive paintings in the world - sold both at auctions and in private transactions. Leadership belongs to the canvas of Paul Gauguin "When will you marry?" (300 million dollars; closed sale). Paul Cézanne's “Card Players” ranked second ($ 250 million; closed sale), Picasso’s already mentioned “Algerian women” ranked third (Christie's open auction). The top five closes the “Dream” of the same Pablo Picasso, sold for $ 155 million in 2013.When is the wedding? Paul Gauguin 1892, 105 × 75.5 cm We recall that a few days earlier the Sotheby's auction house sold another masterpiece of Modigliani, “Portrait of Paulette Jourdain” from the collection of billionaire Alfred Taubman. For this canvas buyer posted 42.8 million dollars.Portrait of Paulette JourdainAmedeo Modigliani1919, 100.3 × 65.4 cm

Other works that Christie's auctioneers pinned their hopes on November 9th did not bring the expected success. In particular, the new owners of The Woman by Willem de Kooning (estimate 14–18 million) and Lucien Freud’s Portrait of Naked on a Red Sofa, whom his daughter Bella posed for (20–30 million), did not find. But the rare wooden sculpture "Teresa" by Paul Gauguin (photo left) attracted the attention of three buyers at once and eventually went for $ 31 million with the expected 18-25 million.

Art expert Stefan Connery, who for 21 million bought a sketch for “Card Players” by Cezanne, says: the mixed auction results show that “the market has cooled down a bit and has become smarter.” According to materials