Suspected of stealing Renoir’s landscape from Dorotheum arrested

But two of his associates, who carried the picture out of the building of the oldest Viennese auction, remain at large.Police detained one of the suspects in the theft of Pierre-Auguste Renoir from a pre-sale exhibition at the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna. A spokeswoman for the Vienna prosecutor's office, Nina Bussek, confirmed that the Ukrainian citizen was arrested in Amsterdam and lawyers are discussing his extradition with the authorities of the Netherlands.Gulf, sea, green rocks The thieves did not try to hide their faces from surveillance cameras and left the mansion through different entrances. It took them only a few minutes to complete the operation. The view called “Bay, sea, green cliffs” (1895) was estimated at 120-160 thousand euros and should have gone under the hammer on November 28.
According to the Austrian News Agency, two other suspects are still on the wanted list, but the authorities refused to disclose additional details, citing the fact that the investigation is continuing.Pictures of three suspects in theft, published by the Vienna police. Source: Art and Object “The identification of the arrested suspect was made possible by high-quality photographs from the Dorotheum surveillance cameras,” an auction house spokeswoman said. “We hope that the other two criminals will soon be caught, and the investigation will be successfully completed.”
Due to the ongoing investigation, journalists cannot get answers to a number of important questions. Neither the Austrian prosecutor’s office nor the press secretary of the Vienna police were willing or able to say whether the stolen picture was found, how the suspect was tracked from the Netherlands to Ukraine or whether there is any information about the whereabouts of his accomplices. on Instagram
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