As written. Fabulous photos from book lovers

Each book tells us its story. But, as paradoxical as it may sound, a hundred books put together can tell a lot more than a hundred stories. More precisely - to show. The best friends and passionate lovers of reading Elizabeth Sagan and James Trevino are sure of this. With the help of their huge libraries and inexhaustible fantasy, they - separately and together - create original installations, where each book cover looks like a stroke of paint.Elizabeth and James call themselves “bookstagramers” (bookstagramers) and, as you might guess, they have thematic Instagram pages. In addition, both are another page on which they place unusual artistic photos from users from around the world, devoted to the love of literature.Elizabeth Sagan: “I do not know what is wrong with the real world, which is why imaginary worlds seem so attractive to me. Perhaps because of all the existing parallel universes, we got the one in which there is no magic. At least the obvious magic. No creatures with supernatural abilities, fire breath, the movement of objects by force of thought. So I'm trying to fill this gap. ”Arthive: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram
Author: Evgeny Sidelnikov.