Auction records for Hockney and Kooninga are preparing to establish Sotheby's and Christie's

This fall, two of the world's leading auction houses - Sotheby's and Christie's - are preparing for another record. And the first in the list of “blockbuster” lots are the masterpieces of the pillars of the 20th century - David Hockney and Willem de Kooning.

"Country Hockney"

November 17, Sotheby's put up for sale in New York the work of the most famous of the living British artists, David Hockney. “Voldgate Forests, October 24, 25 and 26, 2006” will be the first of the famous series “The Forests” to appear at the auction. Autumn landscape The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the formation of the genre in Europe, and why is the Hudson River so important? Read further from six separate canvases with a total length of over 3.5 meters is tentatively estimated at $ 9–12 million. This amount will be the auction record for the British.Sotheby's: David Hockney's large-scale work "Woods of Woldgate, October 24, 25, and 26, 2006" is tentatively estimated at $ 9–12 million. During 2006, Hockney painted a series of paintings in his native Yorkshire, tracing changes in light and color over the seasons. Each work was divided into six separate fragments that could be carried upstairs in a studio in Bridlington.
In the wake of the success of these masterpieces in a quiet corner in the north-east of England, which has already been dubbed the "Hockney Country", a tourist route appeared in places that the painter perpetuated.David Hockney, Voldgate Forests, November 6 and 9, 2006 (2006). Oil, six canvases 91.4 × 121.9 cm eachDown: a video tour of the “David Hockney: East Yorkshire landscapes” exhibition in the Louver Gallery in Los AngelesInteres to David Hockney's work rises with his 80th birthday, which will be celebrated in 2017 . For this anniversary, the Tate Gallery is preparing a large-scale retrospective, which will open in February.David Hockney paints "The Woods of Voldgate, May 17, 2006" (2006). Photo: Jean-Pierra Goncalves de Lima. Now the most expensive work of David Hockney is the diptych “Beverly Hills Housewife” (1966 - 1967). This portrait is a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read further now the late photographer and art philanthropist Betty Freeman against the backdrop of her home in Los Angeles.
In May 2009, a private collector paid nearly $ 8 million for work in auction in New York.Beverly Hills Housewife David Hockney 1966, 182.9 × 365.8 cm

Joyful expression de Kooning

Two days earlier, Christie's auction house hopes to gain about $ 40 million for the work of another leading artist of the second half of the last century - Willem de Kooning. The painting "Untitled XXV" enters the market for the first time after 10 years ago set a world auction record for works of postwar art. Then $ 27 million was paid for the dramatic abstraction. Read also: A couple from Belgium accidentally bought de Kooning's valuable work for $ 500Untitled XXVVillem de Kuning1977, 195.7 × 223.5 cm “Untitled XXV” is a joyful and dramatic expression. Each stroke inside a square canvas maintains a dynamic and delicate balance. Despite the fact that there are no figures on the canvas, the landscape form is guessed in the picture, filled with the power of the artist's emotions. According to the materials at and The main illustration: an employee of the Sotheby's auction house examines a painting by David Hockney "Voldgate Forests, October 24, 25 and 26, 2006". Photo: en.