Picture Banksy self-destructed with the last blow of a hammer at auction

Was Banksy at the evening sale at Sotheby's on Friday, October 5, in the evening? This question takes everyone from the moment when one of the most famous paintings of the Bristol artist self-destructively destroyed when the auction ended."Girl with a balloon" (2006) was the last lot of the evening. When the hammer fell at a rate of 953 thousand 829 pounds sterling (1.1 million dollars), an alarm was heard. The participants turned around at the moment when the canvas slid down in a gilded frame and went outside in the form of "noodles".Photo: Casterline Goodman Gallery / Instagram "It looks like we are just from Benksily," said Alex Branchik, an auction house representative, right after the sale. “He is perhaps the greatest British street artist, and we saw a small piece of his genius tonight.” Many say that the original frame in which the picture was enclosed is unusually massive and could well hide the chopper.
As stated in provenance, "Girl with a balloon" was purchased directly from the artist in 2006. Near the entrance to the Sotheby's hall, the guard noticed a man in a hat and black sport sunglasses. After that, there were suggestions that the elusive artist himself pressed a button that destroyed the work."Girl with a balloon" - one of the most recognizable works of Banksy. She first appeared on the Thames Embankment in 2002, and a few years later the artist painted it on canvas. At his request, the frame was an integral part of the work.Photo:
On October 6, Banksy placed a video on his Instagram account at lunchtime. An episode of integrating a shredder into a frame is shown there (“a few years ago ... in case the work ever goes up for auction”), as well as, actually, the climax of the auction . To the video, Banksy quoted Picasso: "The desire to destroy is also a creative desire."Screenshot of the video page “We are busy trying to understand what this means in the context of the auction,” said Brunczyk. -Now fragments have become part of a holistic artwork. We have not yet had a chance for the picture to spontaneously self-destruct, setting a price record for the artist. ”
One of the possible options is that the destroyed picture can be saved as evidence of guerrilla tactics. “Agree, the work is now even more valuable,” said Branchik. “This is undoubtedly the first masterpiece that was spontaneously crushed at the end of the auction.” Art: read us in Telegram and look at Instagram On materials from The Art Newspaper. Title photo: Banksy Instagram.