A party at Gioconda's house: what pictures got into the new clip of Beyonce and Jay-Z, shot in the Louvre

After Saturday's concert in London, American musicians Beyonce and Jay-Z announced the release of a joint album. He is called Everything Is Love, and as performers are listed Carters (The Carters) - this is the general name of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who have been married since 2008. On the same day, the premiere of the video for the song from this album took place - it was completely filmed in the Louvre and literally crammed with masterpieces. Arthive looked closely and found out what the stars of painting lit up in this music video.Beyoncé and Jay-Zi consider themselves the most powerful couple in show business and are not shy about declaring this: they can afford to rent the Louvre, they can afford to rap along with Nika Samofrakskaya, the goddess of victory, and dance on the background of masterpieces. The message is obvious: we ourselves are masterpieces. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci needs no introduction, just like the statue of Venus de Milo. Let's see what other masterpieces of painting were casting for the shooting in the clip of the Carter spouses. Record holder - Jacques Louis David: four of his paintings became the heroes of the clip (all of them are presented below). And that's not counting those that flash on the general plans. One would assume that the film crew was simply given more time to work in the hall with the works of this artist. But there is reason to think that the Carter family is not indifferent to the work of the Frenchman: in 2014, Beyonce, Jay-Zi and their daughter Blue Ivy visited the Louvre - in one of the photos they are all depicted by David's “Napoleon's Coronation”.The coronation of Napoleon in the Cathedral of Notre Dame on December 2, 1804 by Jacques-Louis David1807, 621 × 979 cmPortrait of Madame RecamierJacques-Louis David1800, 174 × 244 cmThe Oath of the HoratiiJacques-Louis David1784, 330 × 425 cmSabinyanki, stopping the battle between the Romans and the Sabines, Jacques-Louis David1799, 385 × 522 cm
  • Frame from the clip: dance on the background of the picture of David.
  • 2014 year: Carters study the picture of David in the Louvre. Photo:
Also in the clip appears "Portrait Portrait - a realistic genre, depicting the actual person or group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more Negroes ”(by the standards of 1800, this name was politically correct), written by a student of Jacques Louis David - Marie Guillemin Benoit. But here, perhaps, the matter is no longer in sympathy with David, but towards feminism.
Beyonce is known for her performances of “girl power”, and Madame Benoit was one of these: her dark-skinned beauty, proud and independent, is perceived as a symbol of not only racial, but also gender equality - in this position and with such a look the artist could pose Something a white man with a good pedigree and an impressive track record. And in another picture - “Innocence between virtue and vice” - Marie Guillain Benoit portrayed the vice in a man’s appearance, although traditionally in the painting of that time women were appointed to be vicious seducers.A portrait of a black womanMari Guillain Benois1800, 65 × 81. Another student of the famous teacher appears with his work in the clip - this is Andrea Solario, who worked with Leonardo da Vinci himself.Madonna with a green pillowAndrea Solario1507, 59.5 × 47.5 cmThe creators of the clip, which uses profanity (the name means a monkey ritual of throwing shit at opponents), boldly rhyme the poses and gestures of actors with religious paintings from the Louvre.Lamenting ChristRosso Fiorentino1530s, 127 × 163 cm But showing in the frame a fragment of Paolo Veronese's Marriage in Cana canvas, they respond in advance to those who don’t like Beyonce to wear a clip like Madonna. Who will frown from the disco in the temple of art and exclaim: “How can you ?! This is an abuse of geniuses and religion! ”
On the grand canvas Veronese, which formally represents the gospel plot (the first miracle of Christ - turning water into wine), depicts the notable contemporaries of the artist (in the latest fashion), and in the foreground plays a band composed of art celebrities: Titian, Tintoretto, Bassano and Veronese himself. Expensive, rich, fun, without undue modesty - everything is exactly as in the clip.The wedding in Cana of Galilee, Paolo Veronese, 1563, 667 × 994 cm. Read also: The Metropolitan Museum became one of the main characters of the film “8 Ocean's Friends” Beyonce and Jay-Zi were shot in the interiors of the Louvre for one night in May. It seems that some of the paintings got into it, not least because they look great in the dark with dramatic lighting.Dante and Virgil meet the ghosts of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo in the underworldAri Scheffer1851, 171 × 239 cm
  • Theodore Gericault. The collapse of the raft "Medusa". 1819
  • Theodore Gericault. The officer of the rangers of the Imperial Guard, going on the attack. 1812
This is not all the pictures that appear in the clip, so you can continue the search for familiar canvases. If you have been to the Louvre and have not spent all the time on the queue to “Gioconda”, then you can easily recognize the masterpieces adjacent to the museum’s hit even on the general plans. Arkhiv: read us in Telegram and see on Instagram