"All Rembrandt" from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi: exhibitions to the anniversary of the death of the master

The largest show, which will probably never happen again, is being prepared by the Rijksmuseum.Have you ever hoped to see all the works of Rembrandt from the largest collection of his works in the world at once? This opportunity is real - to see the entire Rembrandt from the Rijksmuseum, where the world's largest collection of works by the Dutch master of the Golden Age is kept. The museum has prepared a unique project that covers the entire 2019-th, called the "Year of Rembrandt" - to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the death of the painter.

Rembrandt van Rijn, "Self-portrait" (app. 1628). Rijksmuseim, Amsterdam
The main event is a blockbuster exhibition called The Whole Rembrandt, which runs from February 15 to June 10. For the first time, viewers can see 22 paintings, 60 drawings and over 300 of the best copies of Rembrandt's engravings. This is undoubtedly the first - but, apparently, the last - a show of such magnitude.
The main exhibit is the most iconic and beloved by many by Rembrandt's Night Watch, which from July, after the end of the exhibition, will be sent to a large-scale restoration.

This procedure is expected to take several years and cost millions of euros. The most thorough restoration in the entire history of the web will take place in glass-walled studios and visitors will be able to observe the progress of the work. In addition, the institution will conduct an online broadcast process.The Night Watch, or the Performance of the rifle company of Captain Frans Banning Kok and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenbürg Rembrandt Harmens van Rein, 1642, 379.5 × 453.5 cmTwo other significant exhibits at the exhibition “All Rembrandt” were relatively new in the collection of works by Martina Solmahrmahurma. Two of these paintings were bought by the Rijksmuseum together with the Paris Louvre in 2015 from the French collector Eric de Rothschild. The institutions paid a staggering amount of 160 million euros, which put these works by Rembrandt in eighth place in the list of the most expensive paintings in the world.
  • Rembrandt van Rijn, "Portrait of Martin Solmans" (1634). Rijksmuseim, Amsterdam
  • Rembrandt van Rijn, "Portrait of Opien Coppit, wife of Martin Solmans" (1634). Rijksmuseim, Amsterdam
After the end of the exhibition “The Whole Rembrandt”, the Rijksmuseum hopes to collect hundreds of works inspired by the master in the exhibition “Long Live Rembrandt”. From mid-January to March 31, the museum will collect applications from professional artists and amateurs who wish to exhibit their work within the walls of the institution.
Exhibits can be any - from paintings and photographs, to sculptures and installations - but all should be inspired by the works of the Dutchman. “Inspiration can take any form: the modern version of one of his works or the“ echo ”of Rembrandt’s creativity in using color, dramatic talent or mastery of playing with light and shadow,” the institution’s website says. The grand opening of the exhibition is scheduled for July 15, and it will end on September 15.Portrait of Isaac and Rebecca, or the Jewish BrideRembrandt Harmenz Van Rein1669, 121.5 × 166.5 cm But the Rijksmuseum will not calm down on this either. The end of 2019 will take place under the sign of the Rembrandt-Velázquez exposition. A comprehensive study of the two great masters of the XVII century and their colleagues such as Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Jan Vermeer, Frans Hals, Jose Ribera and Francisco de Zurbaran will be held from October 15, 2019 to January 19, 2020. Less ambitious, but equally interesting Projects are planned and other major museums in the world.The anatomy lesson of Dr. Tulpa Rembrandt Harmens van Rein 1632, 169.5 × 216.5 cm The Royal Gallery of Mauritshuis in The Hague from January 31 to September 15 will show all 18 paintings from its collection that belong to or were attributed to Rembrandt. Nearby will be displayed works that are no longer considered to be master creations and rarely (if ever) exhibited.
The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam will focus on the wizard's environment. The exhibition, which will be held from February 1 to May 19, will be devoted to the artist's family, friends and acquaintances who helped him, bought paintings, borrowed money, and threw creative challenges to him. year - February 2, 2020). For her, international institutions lent 35 carefully selected paintings, which were painted in 1639 - 1658, the most fruitful for the artist. Among them - "Philemon and Bawkid" from the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington.Philemon and Bawkid Rembrandt Harmenz van Rein, 1658, 54.5 × 68.5 cmK to the events dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt, will be joined by the Louvre of Abu Dhabi. From February 14 to May 18, there will be an exhibition "Rembrandt, Vermeer and the Golden Age of Holland." It is organized in conjunction with the Leiden Collection - the largest private collection of paintings by Dutch masters of the XVII century.MinervaRembrandt Harmens van Rein1635, 138 × 116.5 cmSelf-portrait with shaded eyes Rembrandt Harmens van Rein 1634, 71.1 × 56 cmPortrait of Rabbi Harmbes van Rein 1645, 22.2 × 18.4 cmUnconscious patient (Smell) Rembrandt Harmens van Rein 1625, 31.8 × 25.4 cmSketch of a woman in a white cap Rembrandt Harmens van Rein1640, 47.3 × 39 cmArchive: read us in the Telegram and look on Instagram
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