The Louvre organizes a tour in the wake of the clip Beyonce and Jay-Z

Pop culture promotes high art: now visitors to the Louvre in Paris can go "Beyonce and Jay-Z". The museum organized such an excursion after the most famous musical couple in the world shot a video for their last hit in its halls.The video for the song called “Apeshit”, where singers and dancers were filmed against the backdrop of a number of the greatest masterpieces from the Louvre collection, since the release two weeks ago only YouTube has been viewed 56 million times.
The Louvre already has the experience of creating tours "on the clips of celebrities." In 2016, visitors were offered to inspect the pictures appearing in the video by American rapper for the song “Smile Mona Lisa”.The wedding in Cana of Galilee, Paolo Veronese, 1563, 667 × 994 cm The album “Everything Is Love”, which included the song “Apeshit”, Beyonce and Jay-Z were released under the common marital name Carters (The Carters). Video for the composition was shot in the Louvre in one May night. The six-minute clip features 17 paintings and sculptures - from the monumental ancient Greek marble Nika of Samothrace to Marie Benoit's “Portrait of the Black Woman”. A selection of works before which performers appeared, glorified either dark-skinned bodies, or strength and power in an institution that was a symbol of conquest and imperialism.

Thus, “Portrait of a Black Woman” (now called politically correct - “Portrait of a Black Woman”) was written in 1800 - six years after revolutionary France abolished slavery in its Caribbean colonies only to restore it two years later.
But perhaps the brightest moment of the clip is the line of black dancers in front of the monumental canvas “The Coronation of Napoleon I in the Cathedral of Notre Dame” by Jacques-Louis David, and Beyonce in the center, singing “I can't believe that we did”.
Left: Marie Benoit, "Portrait of a Black Woman" (1800). Louvre, Paris

Fragment of the video for the song “Apeshit”: Beyonce and the dancer in front of the painting by Jacques-Louis David “The Coronation of Napoleon I in the Cathedral of Notre Dame on December 2, 1804” (1807) at home: what pictures were in the new clip of Beyonce and Jay-Z, shot in the Louvre. " “Apeshit” is a celebration of African-American identity and marriage, the problems of which Jay-Z’s infidelity his wife described in detail in her album “Lemonade” in 2016.Dante and Virgil meet the ghosts of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo in the underworld Ari Scheffer 1851, 171 × 239 cm. The user controlled 90-minute tour is currently available only in French by reference, but soon it will most likely be translated into other languages. The guide describes in detail each work in the video, but does not explain what it means in the video.Lamenting ChristRosso Fiorentino1530s, 127 × 163 cm However, Professor James Smalls of the University of Maryland described the video, directed by Ricky Siz, who also shot Beyonce's Yonce clip, as “Striking ... I would go further and say„ brilliant "". According to him, the video "appropriates, exploits and rethinks Western paintings and sculptures to celebrate the success of the Carters, and the black bodies in the artistic canon are inextricably linked with the histories of colonialism."
“This video is nothing without regretting the visual and sound manifesto about space, power and control,” he wrote in the magazine Frieze. - It's all about the bodies. This is the contrast of energetically writhing living black figures, contrasted with frozen white forms from the past. ”Fragment of the video for the song “Apeshit”: dancers on the background of Jacques-Louis David's painting “Portrait of Madame Recamier” (1800) The Louvre refused to say how much the couple paid for renting the museum for filming in front of Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Crash "Jellyfish" "Theodore Gericault. Next to the last picture, Jay-Z is posing, looking at the muscular black hero on top of the composition.The collapse of the Medusa raft Theodore Gericault 1819, 491 × 716 cm Louvre director Jean-Luc Martinez said he wants to make a huge collection of the museum “more readable” for the general world public. Last year, more than two-thirds of the 8.1 million visitors to the Louvre were foreigners, half of whom were under the age of 30.Arthiv: read us in the Telegram and look on Instagram
Based on Artdaily. The main illustration is a fragment of the video for the song “Apeshit”: Beyonce against the backdrop of the sculpture of Nika of Samothrace, on the main staircase of the Louvre