The return of modern masters from Matisse and Chagall - to Picasso and Dali: an update in Chicago

After a seven-month absence on April 18, the collection of modern painting and sculpture at the Chicago Institute of Art returned to its monastery - to the third floor of the Modern Wing of the Institute. In September, it was decided to refresh and tidy up the galleries of the institute, so that more than 100 works by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Brancusi and Dali were sent on “holidays” to the Kimbell Art Museum in Texas.Old guitarist Pablo Picasso 1904, 123 × 83 cm The modern wing of the institute was opened in 2009. Here are such famous paintings as “The Old Guitarist” and “Mother and Child” by Picasso, “Bathers by the River” by Matisse, “White Crucifixion” by Chagall. Millions of people from all over the world come to see these works, and the galleries were simply not ready for such flows. Freshly painted walls, polished floors, and an updated lighting system are waiting for visitors in the updated galleries. More information appeared in the informational materials about the historical context of the presented works, and a free application was launched for iOS users: texts about paintings, artists and the era, audio and video materials.The girls Paul Delvoyo But the most important thing is that after the “vacation” the exposition “got better”: new works appeared, and some old ones were decorated anew - in accordance with the time of their creation. In several galleries you can see works that have not previously been exhibited in the modern wing - mainly, these are world-famous masterpieces of surrealism.

Salvador Dali.
"The face of Mae West, used as a surrealistic room", 1934-1935
newsprint, gouache. 31 × 17 cm
Art Institute, Chicago

And yet - in the company of masters, new faces appeared: for example, the Latin American artist Joaquin Torres-Garcia (Joaquín Torres-Garcia) with his installation “Object at number one” (1932).

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The Chicago Art Institute, opened in 1893, today has the largest collection of works of art in the United States, and about 90% of the exhibits are gifts from private collectors. Starting from the copies of “Europeans”, the museum’s collection was replenished with original works of the “Dutch” of the 17th century, the works of impressionists: Renoir, Manet, Sisley, Pissarro ... , "Rouen Cathedral", "Topol" and "Rick", as well as rich collections of works by Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Henri Mathis.