Pictures of Monet and Schiele became the leaders of Sotheby's sales in London

Evening sale of the works of the Impressionists, modernists and surrealists Sotheby's in London on February 26 brought a total of 87.7 million pounds sterling (115.3 million dollars). The most expensive pictures of the auction was the Venetian landscape. The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read more Claude Monet and the work of Egon Schiele in an uncharacteristic format.Impressionist founding father Claude Monet is known for his series depicting haystacks, poplars, Rouen Cathedral and water lilies. In each cycle, the artist repeatedly depicted the same object in changing light and weather. The “highlight” of the past evening was his late view of the Doge's Palace in Venice, written in 1908 and kept for over 90 years in a private collection of one family. Most of the Venetian paintings of Monet are in museum collections, and this - though not the most exciting of them - was previously estimated at 20-30 million pounds sterling. As a result, an anonymous winner of the auction from Japan paid for her 27.5 million pounds (36.2 million dollars).Doge's PalaceClod Monet1908, 81 × 93 cmV Asia - or rather, in the Chinese-speaking region - the square picture of Egon Schiele's Fishing Boat in Trieste will be sent. This work, written in oil and pencil on canvas in 1912, was tentatively estimated at 6-8 million pounds sterling, and sold for 10.7 million (14.2 million dollars).Fishing boat in TriesteEgon Schile1912, 70 × 70 cm Buyers from Japan also purchased works by Alberto Giacometti, Mark Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky, and a collector from Taiwan won the romantic landscape of Camille Pissarro with a picture of a girl in a flower garden. The Russian admirer of the work of Oscar Schlemmer bought the work of this German artist “The Group at the Table” for 2.5 million pounds sterling (3.4 million dollars). Irina Stepanova, managing director of Sotheby's for Russia, made bets on behalf of the anonymous author by phone.Group at the tableOskar Schlemmer1923, 64 × 102 cmVase with rosesMark Zakharovich Shagal1929, 52.5 × 68 cmJeanne Pissarro reads in the garden, Pontoise Camille Pissarro1872, 73 × 60 cm In the sales section of the surrealist works, the dominant figure was to be René Magritte with his two-faced Janus composition from the head of the artist’s wife Georgette and the American Indian. The painting, previously estimated at 3.5-4.5 million pounds, was sold to an American collector for 5.3 million ($ 7 million).Atrata Francis Picabia1929, 149.5 × 95 cm However, Francis Picabia's Atrat (1929) became the "star" of the evening, a puzzling picture from a series of slides that the artist made in the 1920s and 30s. He performed this work from several transparent films depicting mostly attractive women with a pleading look. The final price of the work exceeded the estimate by half and amounted to 3.7 million pounds (4.9 million dollars). According to Artdaily, artnet News and Artsy