Vienna 1900s: there were times! Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka - paintings and drawings of Viennese geniuses in the Leopold Museum.

Two special exhibitions devoted to the most famous Viennese creators are held at once in the Leopold Museum: “Vienna 1900” (painting) and “Line and Form” (drawings). Both expositions are made up of the richest collection of the museum; something was taken from the storerooms, so trumps and pleasures are guaranteed.The Leopold Museum represents a completely transformed exposition of Viennese art at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Called "Vienna 1900" (Vienna 1900), this exhibition is also a product of rethinking styles and connections in art by the project organizers in close cooperation with Leopolds Rudolf and Elizabeth, whose collection is exhibited in the museum.Of course, it was not done without art nouveau, Viennese art nouveau, secession, which touched all spheres of art and design. However, expressionism also said its word. So the representation of all facets of art that reigned or originated at the turn of the centuries gives a more complete picture of that time, and also presents surprises. Among the main "exhibitors" are Gustav Klimt (the work "Life and Death" and also part of the famous and lost series of monumental paintings created for the Great Hall of the University of Vienna). Also to the attention of the public are the paintings and prints of Egon Schiele, Oscar Kokoschka (Dolomites mountains - illustration below), Anton Kolig, Herbert Böckl, and many others.
To complete the picture in the exhibition - the decor items, accessories, and decorations of that era.Death and LifeGustav Klimt1915, 178 × 198 cm
  • Ferdinand Ludwig Earl, poster,
  • Richard Gerstl. "Couple in the field", 1908

And now - let's make lines!

The collection of the private collection of the Leopold Museum (Leopold Museum) is about 5,400 works, 3400 of which are on paper, mostly drawings and watercolors. In 2010, the museum has already spoiled the public with watercolor masterpieces at the Hidden Treasures exhibition. Well, the current exhibition "Line and Form" combines 100 outstanding examples of sketches and sketches of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Rudolf Leopold has lovingly replenished this collection for 40 years, so now to your attention are the works of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Alfred Kubin. And this is an unsurpassed museum collection in terms of the quantity and extraordinary quality of such works.Works by Gustav Klimt, Rudolf Vacker, Otto Dix, Oscar Kokoschka, Egon SchieleAnd you should not consider the exhibition of drawings and sketches something second-rate: other sketches and sketches surpass the paintings of the same masters: Wiener Werkstett, Albin Egger-Linz, Hans Bechler and Anton Koliga. Their drawings, more than any other technical genre, convey a direct connection between inspiration and artistic performance. Sometimes when transferring the idea to canvas, the works lost a fair amount of their expression and expressiveness. Well, the works of recognized and famous masters "play" in any form: look at the images drawn by Klimt or Shile!