Paris, spring, vernissage, and the three laws of happiness from Karl Larsson

The true values ​​of an idyllic Swedish family visit the Petit Palais Museum in Paris. Carl Larsson's “Pictures of Happiness” (and so does Carlson!) Is not a postcard, not an illustration for some glorious book. However, the former cartoonist and the most famous Swedish artist who managed to bring such a clear style in the era of fermentation in art, also wrote a book. "House under the sun" - bestseller of the last century. Look at the light?

The work of the most famous Swedish artist Karl Larsson (Karl Larsson) breathes family comfort, ecstasy of life and idyll in all its manifestations. Bliss was not easy only after years of suffering and loneliness. But despite this, Karl Larson lived a life full of happiness and joy, which, as in his diary, depicted in his works. Looking at them, for some reason, I remember the stories of Astrid Lindgren, who worked later. Carl Larsson’s “Favorite Swedish Artist” exhibition takes place at the Petit Palais Museum in Paris from March 7 to June 7. More than 100 “pictures of happiness” are presented here, as fans of the artist’s work like to call them. In his works, Karl Larsson sings the hymn to life and family as a source of joy. And in the works of the Swedish artist one can trace three unchanged postulates, which were the basis of his life philosophy.

The first law: do not be born rich

The works of Karl Larsson are presented in the chronological order of the artist's formation. Simply put, from early to late work. Early works show how the young painter was so self-contained and insecure. In childhood, in the midst of poverty, “downtrodden” Carl found an outlet only in drawing. The only friend was his school art teacher. He, admiring the talent of the young talent, recommended the boy to the most prestigious school at the Royal Academy of Arts. But the ever-needy family of 13-year-old Carla could not afford to pay for tuition. And Carl was forced to go work. It is the need for funds made him get out of his "shell" and achieve success. Working as a retoucher for a photographer, and later as a cartoonist and illustrator in newspapers, the young artist received a priceless treasure - the foundation of his unique style.
  • "Grandfather"
  • "My mother"

The second law: be yourself!

In his student years, Larsson became the "star" of the academy: the image of a girl in the nude style was unusually successful! For this work he was awarded a special medal. So after graduation, a much more self-confident young artist rushes to the heart of the creative beau monde - to Paris. A real creative cauldron boils there, but the heyday of impressionism acts on Larsson in a completely unexpected way - it is locked in itself. In a big and strange city, he is again in the rush, and he spends more and more time not in the company of progressive French, but among his own quiet compatriots in a town near Paris - Gretz, where everything is there. Karl is alien to the spirit of modernity, and he is completely immersed in his own world. This period of life of Larsson is well illustrated by the works of the Parisian period, where he paints numerous watercolors of the surrounding nature: “Peasant House in Winter”, “Pond”. The artist tries styles and techniques, he is praised, the work is gaining weight ... But it is still not "the same Lasrson." Oh, how the artist wants peace, solitude, and at the same time how lonely and sad he is at this time! Until acquaintance with his future wife - Karin Bergey. The wedding is celebrated in Sweden, and ... a new life begins!Karin reading Karl Larsson

The third law: happiness is family

The most famous and colorful works of Karl Larsson owe his intoxicating life in the village with his wonderful family. All eight (!!!) children and the adored wife become the protagonists of the whole subsequent creative path. Swedish folklore interior, extremely cute toddler and beautiful wife in the role of Madonna - these are the main motifs of the artist's watercolor paintings, which are represented in the main part of the exhibition. Actually, they are something that they aspire to see, having been fed up with generously accumulated happiness.
A magnificent draftsman with a clear line, Larsson simply “captures” all the bright moments and touching scenes on the fly. Just trying to take a picture of your own fidget, you realize how valuable this quality is. And he surprisingly "seizes" the mood, and the eternal values ​​in the image of the Swedish master of the past are very beautiful!

Design life by larsson

The artist showed a variety of aspects of life, the main characters of which are parents and children. Lessons, games, sports, holidays, communication with nature ... All these ordinary scenes of life, captured a hundred years ago, and today make us be touched again and again. Sincere joy - this spring in Paris! The main part of the exposition, which came to France from the collections of Swedish museums, is made up of famous works from the artist’s album “The House under the Sun”. ! ”Christmas EveCarl LarssonSelf-portrait in studio Karl LarssonVeranda Carl LarssonHakon, Doug and Edgar Carl Larsson This example of an ideal life has become a bestseller in all of Sweden. The style of the interior, created by his wife Karina and captured by her husband, has become overwhelmingly popular. The Swedes instantly took this “comic book” as a model of an ideal life and wanted to live “according to Larson”! So he was also recognized as the creator of the design of a typically Swedish interior. Well, and the worldwide popularity and love for the works of Karl Larsson is explained by his simple, close not only to ordinary Swedes motives for arranging life and raising children in an atmosphere of love and creativity. And - yes, he also loved cats! And also puppies, ducklings, teddy bears and everything bright and bright.LisbetKarl LarssonThe exhibition “The most beloved Swedish artist” in Paris invites Carl Larsson to join the world of happiness until June 7, 2014.
Anna Denisenko.