"Secret Police" in flames: a new performance by Peter Pavlensky

Petersburg performance performer Pavlensky set fire to the door of the main entrance to the FSB building on Lubyanka. According to the tradition, the arrest of the artist became the final chord of the artistic action: the law enforcement authorities did not consider the art in a trick and classified the crime as hooliganism.Photo: varlamov.ruThe door flamed at 2 am on November 9th. Pavlensky just doused her with gasoline and brought a lighter. The artist explained the meaning of his action: “The burning door of the Lubyanka is a glove. As an element of clothing, a glove appeared in immemorial times and passed its stormy development path: from a utilitarian object to a refined accessory permitted only by nobles and, finally, to a means of communication and fetish. It is worthwhile to look at the main stages of the existence of this subject and look at the glove as a symbol in the visual arts. Read further, which throws society in the face of a terrorist threat. ” According to him, the terrorist threat comes from the FSB itself: “The Federal Security Service operates by means of continuous terror and holds power over 146,000,000 people.”
The audience has already connected to the interpretation of the performance (who watched the arson on videos and photos, carefully prepared by the artist). Even more astonishment than the arson itself, is caused by the fact that the FSB, it turns out, was unable to ensure the security of its own door. Here where the chasm of meanings opens! The guard who missed the arson is worthy of being co-sponsored.
Fans of conspiracy theories ask themselves: is it not because of the arson of one of the most protected doors in Russia that it was possible that somewhere behind this door the artist is waiting for a fee? Of course, such a suspicion of creativity is flattering for the Federal Security Service, but it is unlikely for the artist. Now, if this performance had taken place not in life, but in Pelevin’s book, that would be how it was. Recall on what art projects Peter Pavlensky made himself known. In 2013, as a sign of “protest against the police state,” he nailed his own scrotum to Red Square. And in 2014, protesting against the fact that the state was using psychiatry against dissidents, undressed naked, climbed onto the roof of the Serbsky Institute in Moscow and cut off his earlobe. Pavlensky also sewed his mouth in front of the Kazan Cathedral in the center of St. Petersburg - this was his “statement” against the trial of the members of the Pussy Riot group.
And - again naked - wrapped in barbed wire under the building of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly: this should be understood as disagreement with legislative activity in modern Russia.
The most famous art of Peter Pavlensky. Photo: By the way, protests against law enforcement agencies are practiced not only in Russia, so neither the problem itself, nor the creative methods of dealing with it can be called exclusive. For example, most recently - October 24 - Quentin Tarantino participated in an action against police brutality, which took place in New York.
But back to the freshest action Pavlensky. Deprive the artist's laurels can ... his own lawyer. Publication quotes lawyer Olga Chavdar, who, as it should be in the case of the detention of the client, begins with doubts about his involvement in the arson. “You never know who on what background can stand on video. He or not he - we will find out, ”- quite professionally darkens the lawyer about the incendiary action. How would his next performance Pavlensky not devoted to the features of the bar.