Freeda Kahlo's little-known paintings are now available online along with unique photos of the artist.

Pictures known and unknown, hundreds of personal photos, letters and diaries, famous outfits - an online exhibition dedicated to the famous Mexican artist Friede Calo, began her work on the free service Google Arts & Culture.During the preparation of this grand online exposition, Google employees recruited 33 museums from seven countries to participate in the project. Modern technologies allow expanding the exposition to an unprecedented scale: the project Faces of Frida (“Faces of Frida”) introduces viewers to more than 800 works of art and documentary exhibits.Self-portrait with a monkey Frieda Kalo1945, 41.5 × 56 cmThe author of the project Francis Borzello believes that the exhibition Faces of Frida will allow you to better get acquainted with the artist's work and sources of her inspiration, to better understand the relationship Frida has with her own worn out body, which she depicted in her paintings. The artist, as they say, lived and worked with her heart and blood: she did not hide her personal dramas or her political views.Frida and cesarean section (unfinished work) Frida Kalo1931, 62 × 73 cm Many of the paintings presented in the project were specially digitized in high resolution, and they can be viewed in the smallest detail. An additional option for those who are interested in drawing technique or likes to examine every detail of the picture to the smallest detail.Frida Kahlo. "Frida and cesarean section" (fragment). 1931Without hope, Frida Kahlo1945, 28 × 36 cmFreedy Kahlo's creation is very personal and very symbolic. Suffering for many years from the consequences of a car accident, the artist expressed her thoughts, beliefs, feelings, not only in her own paintings, but also in decorations and clothes. Her many self-portraits have become the focus of personal drama - whether it is “Self-portrait with cropped hair” after breaking up with a beloved man, or identifying yourself with Mexico, the homeland that has suffered from political divisions.CorniFrida Kahlo1943, 30.5 × 49.9 cmThe sun and life Frieda Kahlo1947, 40 × 50 cm

Photo: Ann Lennox and Salma Hayek, who played the role of Frida in the cinema, at an event in honor of the opening of the exhibition of the artist's personal belongings at the Victoria and Albert Museum. June, 2018. Photo source:
We remind that the London Museum of Victoria and Albert in the summer of 2018 presents the exhibition “Frida Kahlo. Creating yourself. The exhibition - a collection of personal artifacts and items of clothing belonging to the cult Mexican artist. All things presented at the exhibition were locked for 50 years after the death of Frida Kahlo. Represented in Mexico at the expiration of that time, they had never left the borders of that country before.

Fruits of lifeFreeda Kahlo1953Frieda Kahlo did not receive a classical art education. Brushes and paints - a gift from the mother of her suffering daughter, bedridden - and a mirror! - became the starting point for the transformation of the personal experiences of a young woman seeking to get away from the disease to a happy, full of life events. Having made her art personal to the limit, Frieda Kahlo, however, was able to bring deep poetry and historical allusions into it. Her own faces have become something more than just portraits, and give the viewer an endless wealth of images.The documentary section is represented by a large number of rare photos, including children. Frida Kahlo was very frank and was not afraid to appear naked - neither in the pictures nor in the photo.Especially for the Google Arts & Culture project, young artist Alex Meade created a “living picture”, including the Mexican singer Ili Guerra in the painted interior. Below you can watch a video with a detailed story about this creative experiment, created under the guidance of the photographer Christina Kahlo - the great-niece of the famous Frida. A separate section of the virtual exhibition is devoted to the details of the paintings that Frida Kahlo wrote out with great care. The drawings and sketches that Freda often made on the back of her paintings are another unknown page of the artist’s work, which the creators of Faces of Frida generously share with the viewer. Those who want to visit the iconic places associated with the artist's work, with the help of Google Street View can visit one of five virtual tours. You can visit the virtual exhibition dedicated to Freida Kahlo on Google Arts & Culture, as well as download the application for Android or iOS.My nanny and iFrida Kalo1937, 30.5 × 37 cm Arthive: read us in the Telegram and see on Instagram Prepared from the materials of the exhibition Faces of Frida on the Google Arts & Culture online resource. Title illustration: Frida Kahlo. Photos of the 1950s. Photographer Florence Arkin. Source: Smithsonian Institut of American Art.