"Naked Mona Lisa" painted yet Leonardo, experts say

Drawing a naked woman with a striking resemblance to “Mona Lisa” may be the work of Leonardo da Vinci himself, and not his follower, as previously thought. Such a statement was made by experts of the Louvre, who study the work of coal, known as "Mona Bath". Now stored in the Conde Museum collection at Chantilly, north of Paris, can be reclassified.“There is a high probability that Leonardo made a significant part of the drawing,” said Mathieu Deldick, the curator of the Paris museum. “This is a very high quality work done by a great artist.” According to the expert, this is a preparatory etude - an educational sketch that the artist uses to study nature. Such a recipe for the artist, where everything is simple and clear. An etude is written quickly, precisely, schematically, literally on the knee - this is a proven way to touch the world and catalog it. But the status of etude in the history of art is so unstable that sometimes it acquires a value much more than the final picture, for which he served as a help. He is surrounded by a serious wide frame - and hoisted on the museum walls. So in what case is an etude a student warm-up, and in which is an independent, lively and valuable work? Read further to the oil painting - this is indicated by the fact that the position of the hands and body of the Mona Bath is almost identical to Monet Lisa. A large drawing of over 150 years is kept in a huge collection of Renaissance art in the Conde Museum - the former patrimony of one of aristocratic families of France.Mona Bath (Leonardo's workshop?) Leonardo da Vinci of the XVI century. According to Deldique, research under a microscope showed that the drawing was made with his left hand, and Leonardo da Vinci, as we know, was left-handed. Previously, the work was lowered in status due to the fact that the hatching around the model's head was done with the right hand. “We have since discovered many new elements,” said Deldick, “Especially the coal marks made with his left hand almost everywhere.”