Art digest: lost Picasso, found Cranach and Pissarro, give a chance to urinal Duchamp

The most discussed news of the last week: Cranach came to the National Gallery in London, Pizarro to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Picasso was accidentally lost in a train in Germany. Well, and Duchamp's “Fountain” is tipped off to even greater glory, if it is ... However, about everything - in order.

The most famous readymade in history can be a symbol of a museum in Paris

The Center Pompidou in Paris set itself the task of choosing a work that will become a symbol of the museum and will help increase the visibility of the museum among tourists. The example is the Louvre with a picture of Leonardo di Vinci "Mona Lisa" as a business card. The list of works considered for the role of the symbol of the Pompidou Museum includes 17 works, among which only one is the work of a woman, Louise Bourgeois. Perhaps the most controversial of the list of works-applicants - "Fountain" Duchamp (1917). However, the probability of choosing in his favor is quite large: the object is, indeed, a cult.Photo: Marcel Duchamp's Fountain (1917) © Robert Alexander / Getty Images. In 2004, the Daily Telegraph newspaper conducted a survey among the 500 most influential people from the world of British art. They had to choose five works of the twentieth century, which changed the art of the world and most strongly influenced its further development. The final list includes two paintings by Pablo Picasso - “Avignon Girls” and “Guernica”, “The Red Room” by Henri Matisse and the diptych “Marilyn” by Andy Warhol. However, both the newspaper’s editorial office and art experts were completely unprepared for the fact that Marcel Duchamp’s ironic porcelain urinal would take first place on this list. Yes, he himself would probably be surprised at this result. After all, the artist considered “The Fountain” a mockery of art. But the debate about whether this ready-made artwork can be considered a work of art has not subsided for a hundred years ... ”- from the description of work in Arthive.