"The fire of revolution": artist Peter Pavlensky set fire to the door of the Bank of France

On the night of October 16, the infamous Russian action artist Peter Pavlensky set fire to the Bank of France building. The fire broke out in the heart of Paris - on the Place de la Bastille.The first images from the scene posted on Twitter photographer Capuchin Henri. Judging by posts on social networks, other media representatives were present on Bastille Square: photographer Divergence of the agency Mark Shomey, as well as former employee of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, member of Femen Sarah Constantin.A frame from the video of Sarah Constantan “The Bank of France took the place of the Bastille, the bankers turned into monarchs. At one time, the Great French Revolution became a symbol of human desire for liberation. In 1917, thanks to this symbol, Russia moved to freedom. Revival Having overcome the fear of own reflection in water, a person wanted to keep this phantom. All sorts of means were tried: water tanks, polished surfaces, experiments with tin, etc. Finally, the centuries-old experiments ended in that we can all see ourselves from morning to evening, and the mirror turned from a mysterious and sinister into an ordinary household item. But in the history of painting the mirrors had and continues a stormy and bright life. So why are artists so fond of them? Read further revolutionary France will lead to a revolutionary fire around the world. The liberation of Russia will begin in this fire, ”said Pavlensky, his next“ fiery ”action.Famous art actions of Peter Pavlensky "Shov" (2012, left) and "Carcass" (2013). Photo: Currently, Pavlensky and Oksana Shalygina himself, his common-law wife and fellow contemporary art, are in custody at the police station. According to France-Press, the Bank of France has already made public a statement that it intends to file a lawsuit against Pavlensky for the damage caused.Peter Pavlensky in front of the Bank of France. Photo: @ sarahconstantin Recall: St. Petersburg action artist Petr Pavlensky and Olga Shalygina arrived in France in January of this year, and in May they were granted political asylum. They left Russia after a series of accusations in connection with the Theater.doc theater, which the actionist himself considers fabricated.Almost two years ago, on November 9, 2015, Peter Pavlensky set fire to the door of the main entrance to the FSB building on Lubyanka.
Photo source: On one of the most frequently asked questions by the public “how does actionism differ from hooliganism?” The answer can be found in Peter Pavlensky’s manifesto “Why actionism is needed.” As the artist had previously stated, “the authorities are trying to call what I’m doing a crime or a madness. My task is not to let her impose a naming. ”Art: read us in Telegram and see Instagram on the main photo: a shot from the video of Sarah Constantan.
Based on Twitter and France Presse agencies.