Ivan Marchuk Presents Liberty Genotype in Odessa

In several halls of the Odessa Art Museum there was a large exhibition of works by the famous artist, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Amazing paintings are of great interest: the opportunity for a personal meeting with the art of this master should not be missed. We present you a detailed photo report from the opening day.“A living legend of Ukrainian painting, world-renowned artist, Ivan Marchuk - People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, honorary citizen of the cities of Kiev and Ternopil, member of the Golden Guild of the Roman Academy of Modern Art. His name is among the hundreds of geniuses of our time ... ”is the verbal“ business card ”of the artist. Well, the true "business cards" of the master are his unique paintings created in a special technique.The exhibition in the three halls of the museum presents paintings from the five series of works by the master, such as the already well-known mystical series “The Voice of My Soul”, the abstract “White Planet І", "White Planet ІІ", "Look into Infinity" ... In total At the moment there are 11 series of works that the artist himself calls “eleven“ Marchukas ”, completely different and different from each other. The interesting story of Ivan Marchuk and many of his works from early paintings to ceramics are in our special material“ I want to do good for people ” : Interview with Eve Mr. MarchukSo time passesIvan Stepanovich MarchukXXI century More than a thousand visitors on the opening day - the Odessa public is happy to set records. A typical art fan tip: “This is a real treat! But I will definitely come back to the exhibition, “talk” with the pictures more calmly ... ”The works look at it for a long time - the smallest interweaving of“ threads ”of paint that make up the paintings fascinates the viewer no less than the plots.
The previous exhibition of works by Ivan Marchuk was held in Odessa in 2004, but the author did not come then - he was in the city for the first time.“I love to surprise myself.
And when I surprise myself, I surprise everyone, "- Ivan MarchukOn the eveIvan Stepanovich MarchukXXI century “I called my main cycle“ The voice of my soul ”because a light came out of me, which was not explained by any logic. I started to work, someone suggested to me, and I already knew: the soul, intuition, the subconscious - with me, I work, - and the work of the soul continues. ” Ivan MarchukThe most recognizable at the exhibition are the works of the Voice of My Soul series of the 1990s, which made up the central part of the exhibition. The latest cycle is the cosmogonic "Look into Infinity." By the way, a fragment of the work of this particular series appears on the posters of the exhibition in Odessa.Says art critic Tamara Stripko:
- I recall the year 2007, when it became known that The Daily Telegraph newspaper included Marchuk among the hundred geniuses of modern times. I came to the workshop to Ivan, and it turned out that he had a heart attack. An ambulance, he was taken home ... We thought that maybe everything. It takes several days, calling: "Come to me." I come to the workshop. He shows four new pictures of a completely different style. At such a dramatic moment, the Look into Infinity appeared. Within a couple of months we exhibited these four pictures, and now in the cycle there are already more than 50 works.The spell of a moonlit nightIvan Stepanovich Marchuk2005The landscapes of Marchuk in the museum have a separate room. They produce a truly magical impression. - It has a unique transmission of light. He achieves the effect of luminescence solely due to the technology of Plentanism, the imposition of lines.Ivan Marchuk uses a peculiar technique, which he himself called “Plentanism” (from the dialectal Ukrainian “plonaty” - “to braid”). According to art critic Tamara Stripko, now this word is already "included in the world dictionaries."The works of Marchuk from the White Planet-2 series are not too amenable to photographing: the white silence wants to make only personal contact. “This is all - some kind of special philosophy, and some thoughts even frighten, you know, all of a sudden even those that you usually tried to avoid came. Then you come up to the next picture - the mood changes, although the symbolism seems to be the same, and the technique is recognizable everywhere ... ”- the girl remarks.Ivan Marchuk. “Final Stop”, 1988, canvas, acryl acryl is the colloquial name for water-soluble paints based on acrylic resin. The binding element is water, which ensures fast drying, after which the paints no longer dissolve with water, but are washed away only with special solvents. Read more “At first glance, his paintings are some kind of deformation, but it is on the fractures and deformations that feelings arise. Marchuk perfectly knows the secret of how to turn to the consciousness of man in order to “touch” him. But he does not fully disclose this secret ... ”says Tamara Stripko.As for the exhibition projects of Marchuk - 5 years of active work is conducted abroad. Large exhibitions of the artist’s works had previously been hosted by Lithuania (Vilnius), Germany (Berlin, Munich), Poland (Warsaw, Krakow), and the expositions were located in museums and the most famous galleries of cities. Recently, Ukrainians can also see the pictures of the master: we have already written about the exhibition “The genotype of liberty” in Kiev, it also took place in Lviv and Ternopil. There are further plans - we wish success in their implementation.On the opening day of the Odessa exhibition in the museum, a concert of the artist’s daughter Bogdana Pivnenko took place. The honored artist of Ukraine, laureate of international competitions, laureate of the National program “Novi іmena Ukrainy” performed favorite songs of Ivan Marchuk, created by the Ukrainian classic Miroslav Skorik. “Hall of Zinaida Serebryakova” with the dominant paintings of the artist suitable for this event as well as possible. It is also impossible not to note the unusual and spectacular outfit of the artist - a dress made of fabric with a recognizable ornament of the artist Marchuk.Ivan Marchuk. “The sun rose over the Dnieper”, 2004, canvas, acryl Acryl - colloquial name of water-soluble paints, which are based on acrylic resin. The connecting element is water, which ensures quick drying, after which the paints no longer dissolve with water, but are washed away only with special solvents. Read more Potekhin, "Arthiv"