A masterpiece of El Greco from the Metropolitan Museum was brought to Czech Olomouc

Good news for art fans who travel around the Czech Republic. In the Archbishop’s Museum of Olomouc, El Greco’s Adoration of the Shepherds is exhibited. One of the key masterpieces of a prominent representative of Spanish Mannerism for three months arrived from the Metropolitan Museum in New York.The picture was exhibited as part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Archbishop Museum.The Archbishop’s Olomouc Museum was conceived in 1998 as a joint project of the state and the church. The opening took place on June 1, 2006. Photo: olmuart. czAlong life, El Greco depicted the scene of the worship of the shepherds many times - in Spain this biblical episode was especially popular. The artist wrote the presented version closer to the end of his life, between 1605 and 1610. Many features of the painting created for Juan de Ribera, Patriarch of Antioch and Archbishop of Valencia, are repeated there, but the quality is higher than that of the original version. Later work is characterized by a tendency to abstraction and almost dancing, restless gestures of shepherds indicating their excitement and surprise at the birth of jesus. It is assumed that the picture was painted for a home church in private ownership, but this has not been proven.Adoration of the ShepherdsEl Greco (Domenico Theotokopuli) 1610s, 144.5 × 101.3 cm Read also: El Greco from A to Z: life, death and life after death Most bus tours around the Czech Republic and Europe run through Olomouc, so many tourists will not miss the opportunity to see a masterpiece before he returns overseas.Olomouc, exhibition billboard. Photos from the museum’s Facebook page “Adoration of the Shepherds” were sent to Olomouc from the Metropolitan Museum in exchange for Titian’s “Punishment of Marcia” (“Apollo and Marsy”) canvas, which the Americans lent to the “Unfinished: Thoughts Visible” exhibition in the recently opened new Met Breuer building. This work was also written for an unknown customer, but either was not completed for some unknown reason (although it was signed), or changed after the artist’s death. The painting depicts the tragic end of the story of satire Marcia, who started a musical dispute with the god Apollo and was punished with a terrible death - skin was ripped off from him alive. The canvas is characterized by differences between loosely colored areas and carefully written details. “Punishment Marcia” will stay in the USA until September 4th. At the same time, El Greco's Adoration of the Shepherds will return to the Metropolitan Museum after the Czech Tour. According to the official websites of the Archbishop Museum of Olomouc and the Metropolitan Museum in New York