Impressionist and Modern Auction in London: Big Names and Legendary Works

On June 21, at the London auction of impressionists and modernists, Sotheby's will offer participants to bargain for the masterpieces of the founders of modern art. We talked about two favorites, Modigliani and Picasso, but Renoir, Gauguin, Cezanne, Sisley remained behind the scenes ... We fill this gap: the most interesting information about the works is being opened to the public at auctions."Sitting Woman" Pablo Picasso, announced a sensation of these trades, Sotheby's experts decided to add a portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne - the muse Amedeo Modigliani. Read some publications about the submitted works:
- Towards the beginnings of cubism: the most important work of Picasso will change the owner after 43 years - The famous portrait of Jeanne Hebjurnus Modigliani was exhibited at Sotheby's

In addition to the history of the work we wrote about (link above), the detail that distinguishes this image of Jeanne Hebutern from the majority of Modigliani's portraits is also important - carefully written eyes, giving a special expressiveness to her face. For the first time in 30 years, putting this picture up for auction, Sotheby's experts are planning to receive more than $ 40 million for it.

Eva Ogust Rodin1881, 172.4. A further legendary work is the sculpture Eva, created by Rodin for the sculptural composition The Gates of Hell at the entrance to the new Parisian Museum of Decorative Arts. Roden began to work on it in 1880 after the completion of Adam - according to the sculptor’s plan, the figures of the first people were to be framed by a portal from two sides. The museum building was never built, and "Adam" and "Eve" became independent sculptures.

The model for "Eve" Roden chose a young Italian. According to the sculptor, in the process of work, he began to notice changes in her figure, until he realized that she was pregnant. The sculpture thus acquired additional symbolism, but Rodin was forced to leave it unfinished: posing in a cold studio became too burdensome for the woman, and she left.

For the first time full-size bronze "Eve" was exhibited in 1899 in the Paris Salon and created a great sensation. The copy put up for the upcoming auction was cast after the sculptor’s death, between 1925 and 1940. Its first owner was Robert Ebdi, a well-known collector among artists in London and Paris. Sotheby's experts estimate the sculpture at $ 11,567,200–17,350,800.Garden in SorrentoPierre Auguste Renoir1881, 67 × 82 cm36 years old are separated by two paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir, exhibited at the London auction. The Sorrento Garden, priced at $ 1,445,900- $ 2,168,850, was written in 1881 in Italy. Traveling around the country to study the works of the masters of the Italian Renaissance, Renoir could not remain indifferent to the inspiring views of the Mediterranean coast. Vivid colors, play of light on the water and the formidable outlines of Vesuvius on the horizon create an image of mythological richness. "Garden in Sorrento" for the first time since 1979 put up for auction.Woman with a Bouquet (Andre) Pierre Auguste Renoir1917, 54 × 65.5 cm Andre Gossling, the future wife of the artist’s son, film director Jean Renoir, became the model for the “Woman with a Bouquet” of 1917.
Dede, as the girl in the family of Renoir was called, was his favorite model: you can see her in the pictures “Concert”, “Woman with mandolin” and the last “Bathers”. Maurice Ganya, a collector and admirer of Renoir, bought him a Woman with a Bouquet, and in 1925, at a Paris auction, sold it to his son Philip. After 89 years from the date of the last sale, the cost of the painting is estimated at $ 1,156,720- $ 1,735,080.

"Still Life with Apples" ($ 3,180,980- $ 4,048,520) Paul Gauguin wrote in 1890 in a Breton fishing village. In those years, Brittany, known for pristine landscapes and traditional lifestyles, often served as a haven for Parisian artists who sought simplicity and innocence. In the work of Gauguin, the Breton period marked a departure from impressionism in search of its own style. At this time, the artist was greatly influenced by Paul Cezanne, whose work he highly appreciated.

A bowl of fruitPole Cezanne1880, 46 × 55 cmThe shores of LuenAlfred Sisley1892, 60.5 × 73 cmThe French province inspired Alfred Sisley, who in 1880 moved to the shores of Luen. The artist tirelessly explored the surrounding landscapes, designed by nature itself to be transferred onto Impressionist canvases, which he did for the rest of his life. Painted in characteristic short strokes, the painting “The Shores of Luen” in 1892 depicts the landscape. The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the formation of the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read further below the city More, to which Sisley repeatedly addressed in his work. The canvas is put up for auction for the first time in 39 years and is valued at $ 1,445,900- $ 2,168,850.

Another of the most interesting and famous works of the upcoming auction - a lithographic copy of "Creek" by Edvard Munch, first put up for auction. For several years, Munch planned to publish a pamphlet of graphic works accompanied by prose poems, but after the press of Creek in 1895, this idea did not receive further development. Moreover, after the departure of Munch from Berlin, the lithographic form was destroyed, therefore the appearance of rare “Creek” prints at the auction is a big event. In November 2014, one of the copies was sold at Sotheby's for $ 2.4 million; this time the lithography was estimated at $ 1,157- $ 1,735 million, and there is reason to believe that the estimate will be significantly exceeded.

KrikEdvard Munch1895, 79 × 59 cmK to the artist, who is the most important not only in the works of Munch, but also in all of world painting, returned to the image of “Creek”. In 1893, he wrote two color copies of the work, in 1895 - another (four years ago it was sold for $ 120 million), and the last - in 1910. In parallel, Munch worked on translating the screaming picture palette into black lines , opening this bold experiment new facets of their work.
The artist sold his first copy of the 1893 painting to his friend, a Norwegian industrialist, artist and philanthropist Olaf Skou. At the beginning of the 20th century, Skou acquired a lithograph, which his heirs now put up for auction.

Francis Picabia's “loving couple” belongs to the series of “monsters” that the artist wrote in the mid-1920s after breaking up with the surrealist movement. Experimenting with materials and technology, Picabia created several stylized images of couples, the mood of which is set by rich colors and fantastic combinations of elements. In these works, the artist continued to explore the principle of automatism invented by the surrealists - transferring subconscious images to the picture. Pale pink "Couple in Love" repeatedly changed owners at Sotheby's auctions; this time it was estimated at 1-1.3 million dollars.

Hugs of those who love Francis Picabia Read also: Non-normative Picabia in Literature - in Paris for the first time show originals of French avant-garde drawingsAmong the more recent works put up for auction, Max Beckmann's Gulls in a Storm, written in Amsterdam in 1942 (estimate: 1–1.45 million dollars). Here the artist escaped from the persecution of the Nazi regime, who declared him a representative of "degenerative art", which again overtook him after the occupation of Holland. Shortly after writing “Seagulls”, new restrictions came into force, preventing Beckman from traveling to the sea, canceled only after the end of the war. The top ten also includes a surrealist painting by René Magritte “The Beautiful Heretic” ($ 1,156,720- $ 1,735,080) and the abstract “Wall Painting” by Fernand Léger ($ 1,445,900- $ 2,168,850).The beautiful heretic Rene Magritte1960-e, 54.5 × 35.5 cmWall painting by Fernand Lezhe 1926, 130 × 81 cmBy the materials of Sotheby's and