Russian avant-garde and modern world fashion at an exhibition in the Jewish Museum of Moscow

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center presents the exhibition “The Effect of Time: the Influence of the Russian Avant-Garde on Modern Fashion”, which explores the history of the interaction of cultures, comparing the heritage of the Russian avant-garde with the collections of leading fashion houses. Zdanevich and Suetin, Goncharova and Exter, Leger and and Malevich ... The color and geometry of the Russian avant-garde are underlined by the bright accents of dresses from famous couturiers: Chloe, Prada, Valentino.Visual parallels between the works of art classics of the early twentieth century with modern ready-to-wear costumes not only reveal the influence of the radical art movement on popular culture, but also help to trace the newest history of the costume with its characteristic borrowing of cultural codes from different eras.Since the Renaissance, fashion has had at its disposal a complex system of quotations and metaphors, allowing literally to “read” the costume. However, in the twentieth century, human vestments tend more toward pure visuality, increasingly resorting to visual arts as the main source of inspiration.Suprematism, Objectless compositionKazimir Severinovich Malevich1915, 80 × 80 cm
  • Edward Krimmer. Woman with a sheaf of hay. 1929-1930 - Prada Collection Autumn / Winter 2011/2012
  • Lyubov Popova. Picturesque architectonics. 1917 - Valentino Spring / Summer 2016 Collection
Beginning in the 1960s, designers took a great interest in the graphic simplicity of avant-garde works, borrowing clear geometric and abstract forms, plane compositions. It can be said that the influence of fine art on fashion from this time reaches its maximum: many works of modern couturiers today resemble three-dimensional canvases, sculptures endowed with artifact value.See also: Ball Met Gala and masterpieces in the Metropolitan Museum: fashion and high technology
  • Nikolay Suetin. Baba with a rake. Late 1920s - Marni Spring / Summer 2016 Collection
  • Sonya Delone. Sketch of a man's suit. 1925 - Collection Walk of Shame Moscow autumn / winter 2016-2017

The exhibition "The effect of time: the influence of the Russian avant-garde on modern fashion" attempts to turn to the history of art through the works of leading fashion houses that use color and compositional solutions similar to the works of Russian avant-garde artists. The exhibition features more than 100 exhibits: 35 ready-to-wear costumes by famous designers, as well as paintings, drawings, porcelain and other works by the most important Russian avant-garde artists from museum and private collections.

“... When I started, I found a lot of contacts with the Russian avant-garde in the collection of Chanel, it seems, in 2008. Especially with Kandinsky. I sent a request to the company and received the answer: "Karl Lagerfeld is not sure that he was inspired by Kandinsky" ... And I could not put on this costume anymore, because "Karl is not sure". Therefore, I decided not to take any more risks and rely on my own feelings. Although I know that curators often go back. ”From an interview with the exhibition curator Maria Nasimova.In the photo - Maria Nasimova, curator of the exhibition. The exhibition curator, Maria Nasimova, did a great job of attracting collectible items. Works of graphics and painting for the exhibition were provided by the State Central Theater Museum named after A. Bakhrushin, the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum named after V. I. Surikov, the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, the Russian State Archives of Literature and Art, the Ivanovo Regional Art Museum. Many exhibits from private collections - Ivetta and Tamaz Manasherov, families of Krivosheevs, Marina and Boris Molchanovs, Ildar Galeev galleries.Olga Rozanova. Flower construction. 1917With the exhibits “from fashion houses”, a co-curator and creative director of the TSUM TsUM Natalia Goldenberg worked: initially about 250 costumes were selected, but in the process of preparation it was decided to leave only 35, which were perfect for the exhibition concept.Traditionally, the exhibition is accompanied by the educational program of the Museum. The next lecture will be held on July 12, and its theme - "Constructivists and agitation textiles." It will be about how, almost a hundred years ago, a powerful Soviet propaganda machine was launched at the level of consciousness and subconsciousness through a utilitarian mass object - products made from fabrics.The exhibition "The effect of time: the influence of the Russian avant-garde on modern fashion"
in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center open until September 4, 2016. The title illustration and photo for the material: the page of the Jewish Museum and the Tolerance Center on the social network Facebook. Paired photos: