Furor in Paris: half a thousand applicants came together in a duel for the works of Bernard Boutet de Monvel

Collectors, dealers and museums from 30 countries of the world took part in the sale of the collection, exhibited on April 5-6 at the Sotheby’s auction by the heirs of the artist, the “glamorous portrait painter and true dandy”. The passions are quite appropriate: we are talking about the first appearance at the auction of more than 200 works of a brilliant Parisian.Delphine Bute de Monvel, wife of the artistBernard Bute de Monvel83 × 66 cmBernard Bute de Monvel (1881−1949) is a generally recognized hero of his time. A talented artist, engraver, sculptor and decorator, he lived a life whose events would be enough for several action-packed novels. His illustrations adorned the pages of fashion magazines, and of course he himself was the main one among them. The son of a successful artist, sophisticated and dizzyingly beautiful Bute de Monvel, at the age of seventeen, became the star of Parisian beau monde - the young man easily made friends, and along with models for his popular portraits.

By 1907, he was known on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and two years later declared himself as the ancestor of a new “geometrically exact” style (initially hostile to critics), later formed into art deco.

Elvira de BrissacBernard Bute de Monwel35.4 × 35.4 cmRoger Bude de Monvel with his mastiffBernard Bute de Monvel1904, 250 × 176 cmFelix Butrau on the embankmentBernard Boutet de Monvel85 × 64 cmIn 1912, Boutet de Monvel rotated in a circle of the same fashionable dandy artists as Paul Iribet, Georges Lepap and Bernard’s cousin Pierre Brissot. This group, led by the largest schedule of the beginning of the 20th century, Georges Barbier, one of the creators of the Art Deco style, called Vogue Bracelet Knights for their refined manners and extravagant appearance.Leli PlunketBernard Bute de Monvel94 × 43.3 cmVictoriaBernard Bute de Monvel33 × 77.5 cmThe convalescent Bernard Bute de Monwel55 × 91.5 cm With the start of the First World War, Bute de Monvel left his hands - and in 1917 was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor for heroism. Soon, however, he returned to art, where he continued to conquer new heights. One of his most famous models was Delphina Edwards Bello, a native of a noble Anglo-Chilean family, whom Bernard married in 1921. The beauty of the Dolphins and the skill of her husband is a truly irresistible combination, and it could not but shake the world. Their daughter, Sylvia, as adults, was also captured in the portraits of Boute de Monvel.Dolphin with guitarBernard Bute de Monvel122 × 88 cmSilvia Bute de MontvelBernard Boute de Montwell73 × 51 cmDelphine Bute de Monvel in a Hat. Years after the death of a 68-year-old artist in a plane crash, his paintings continue to be in demand: their artistic merits are obvious, and the prestige of owning significantly exceeds their price. So, last year the famous designer and designer Ralph Lauren used one of the works of Bute de Monvel in the interior of his new restaurant in New York. However, many masterpieces remained relatively obscure. As the auction on April 5–6 in Paris showed, this omission should have been rectified long ago: the pictures flew away like hot cakes, and the final sales amounts sometimes exceeded the preliminary estimate five or more times.Self-portrait with paletteBernard Bute de Montwell65 × 54 cmDog JupiterBernard Bute de Monvel46 × 55 cmDiana and ActeonBernard Boutet de Monvel175 × 175.5 cmBouquet of wildflowersBernard Boutet de Monvel1930, 55 × 46 cmAt this auction, the artist’s personal record was beaten twice: the famous self-portrait at the Ritz against the background of the Place Vendome was sold for 1.99 million dollars, and in a contest for the portrait of Maharaja Indoor, a graduate of Oxford and a big fan of European culture, the hammer hit sounded at the sum of $ 2,853,358 (6 and 5 times higher than the maximum preliminary estimate).Yashvant Rao Holkar II, Maharaja InduarBernard Boutet de Monwal85 × 85 cmIn addition to the paintings of Bernard Boutet de Monvel himself, the works of his father, a famous artist and illustrator Louis-Maurice Boute de Monvel, and items from the artist’s personal collection were put up for auction.Duchess Brissac in evening dressBernard Boutet de Monvel1945, 91 × 54.5 cmBy the way, the artist painted not only "glamorous portraits", but these works did not attract the auction audience, and, as a rule, were sold within the boundaries of estimeyta.Adoration of the shepherdsBernard Bute de Monvel59 × 87 cmBy materials and