Modigliani, Gay, and the October Revolution - Tate Announced 2017 Exhibitions

The Impressionists in London, the centenary of the October Revolution in Russia, the 50th anniversary of Alberto Giacometti in London, the Italian modernist Amedeo Modeliyani and the large-scale exhibition “British queer art” that will bring together works by famous British homosexuals Hockney, Sargent, Bacon and others ... Minulo just over three months since the beginning of this year, and the Tate Gallery has already announced plans for 2017.

From May 9 to September 10, 2017, Tate Modern will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first exhibition of Alberto Giacometti, held in this gallery. The curators were granted unlimited access to the exclusive collection and archive of the Foundation, which bears the name of the artist and his wife. The exposition of "Giacometti" will trace the artist's work from the first surrealistic compositions to the formation of a mature style: visitors will see both famous bronze sculptures and little-known works from plaster, oil paintings and drawings.
Left: Alberto Giacometti, The Pointing Man (1947)

By organizing the exhibition "Giacometti", Tate ModernModern (fr. Modern - new) - artistic style in art, which originated at the end of the XIX century and reigned until the beginning of the First World War. Its characteristic features are decorativeness, smooth lines and roundness of forms, their flexibility and fluidity. Also in modernity you will find an abundance of ornaments and ornaments, attention to plant, natural motifs, and the figures will be flat, like on posters and stained glass windows. Read more takes over the baton from the National Portrait Gallery, where from October 15, 2015 to January 10, 2016 was held retrospective titled "Giacometti: pure presence"Portrait of a girlAmedeo Modigliani1917, 80.6 × 59.7 cmThe season of the great modernists will end with the exhibition "Modigliani" - the most complete overview of the works of the Italian artist in the UK. In the exhibition his works will be presented in a dialogue with the works of contemporaries, such as Constantin Brancusi and the early Pablo Picasso. The sculptures of Amedeo Modigliani, his portraits, nudes and images of young villagers will denote the nuances of the visual culture of that time. The exhibition will open on November 22, 2017 and will finish on April 2, 2018.

The Tate Modern curators could not overlook the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, which triggered a wave of innovative ideas and designs. The vernissage of rare posters and photographs “Red Star over Russia” (from November 8, 2017 to February 18, 2018) will cover five decades, during which Russian and Soviet artists created the country's unique visual identity - from the first revolution of 1905 to Stalin’s death in 1953 .
Left: Nina Vatolina, “Fascism is the worst enemy of women” (1941). David King Collection

In parallel (from October 10, 2017 to February 4, 2018), a retrospective of modern conceptualists Ilya Kabakov and his wife Emilia, who are known for their significant installations, will be held in the gallery.Bacchus Simeon Solomon1867W commemorating the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of male homosexuality Tate Britain Gallery will organize a large-scale exhibition "British queer art." It will be collected works of artists from 1861 to 1967 - this is the period when otherness was perceived the most difficult. There will be stories of two years of imprisonment of Oscar Wilde on charges of “gross obscenity with males” and Pre-Raphaelite Simeon Solomon, from whom friends turned away after being arrested in a public men's dressing room. But many works will be permeated with the experience of joint happiness and joy.Bathing Duncan Grant1911, 228.6 cm The headlines of the exhibition from April 5 to October 1, 2017 will be the works of David Hockney, John Singer Sargent, Francis Bacon, Dora Carrington and Ethel Sands, as well as Duncan Grant's homoerotic picture Bathing (1911). This is an image of seven muscular naked men, conceived for the design of the Polytechnic campus in one of the districts of London.David Hockney1977, 152.4 × 152.4 cm model with an unfinished self-portraitTate Britain will separately honor David Hockney from February to May, who will celebrate his anniversary in 2017. This will be the most comprehensive at the moment retrospective of one of the most popular and influential British artists of the twentieth century. It will bring together his famous work, marking the achievements in the field of painting, graphics, printing, photography and video for six decades.The parliament building, the fog effect Claude Monet, 1903, 81 × 92 cm And another significant show in Tate Britain will be the exhibition "Impressionists in London: French artists in exile." The exhibition will include works by Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, James Tissot and their compatriots, who crossed the English Channel in the 1870s, fleeing from the destructive Franco-Prussian war and rebellion in Paris. The opening day will demonstrate for the first time links between French and English artists, patrons of art and art dealers in the dramatic period of the history of France. "The Impressionists in London: French artists in exile" will be held from November 2, 2017 to April 29, 2018. According to the official website of the Tate Gallery . The main illustration is David Hockney, "Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" (1972)