Painting Gassam from the series "Flags" passed the New York Historical Society

Childe Gassam's monumental canvas depicting a multitude of American flags became the property of the New York Historical Society. His favorite work was donated to the institute by its honorary chairman Richard Gilder. This is one of the latest paintings in the series "Flags", written by the artist, which until now was in private hands.The full name of the picture - "July Fourth, 1916 (A grand demonstration of American flags, which was ever held in New York, the continuation of the Parade of Readiness in May)." It depicts Fifth Avenue, decorated with dozens of star-striped flags during the celebration of Independence Day exactly 100 years ago. Then the townspeople in the common patriotic impulse took to the streets to support the “Movement of readiness” on the eve of the inevitable entry of the United States into the First World War in Europe.July 4, 1916 (Flags series) Childe Gassam 1916, 91.4 × 66.4 cm On a canvas with a size of 91 × 66 cm, the bravura mood of that day was very accurately conveyed. This is the second canvas in the series "Flags", consisting of 30 works, written from 1916 to 1918.
  • Frederick Childe Hassam, "Avenue" from the series "Flags"
  • Frederick Childe Hassam, "Day of the Co-workers, May 1917"

Childe Hassam (1859 - 1935) is a pioneer of American impressionism. He began his career in Boston as an illustrator, and in 1886 went to Paris to study at the Julien Academy. Upon returning to the United States three years later he settled in New York. During his lifetime, Hassam earned the recognition of criticism and success with the public, created more than two thousand oil paintings, watercolors, pastels and a large number of engravings. For the first Arsenal exhibition in New York in 1913, he offered six of his works at once.
Left: Frederick Childe Hassam, Self-Portrait

See also: Portraits of one island at the exhibition of landscapes by the impressionist Childe GassamThrough the avenue, in the sunlight, June (Flags series) Childe Hassam 1918, 50.8 × 58.4 cm “The Movement of Readiness” advocated military intervention in the war in Europe, which began in 1914. Its members opposed President Woodrow Wilson, who believed that the United States should remain neutral. The position of the head of state was greatly shaken after the German submarine in May 1915 sank the trans-Atlantic passenger ship Lusitania, on which the Americans were among others.
  • Frederick Childe Hassam, "Allies Alley" from the "Flags" series
  • Frederick Childe Hassam, Allied Avenue from the Flags series

The demonstration in May 1916 lasted about 12 hours. Its participants carried a flag almost 30 meters long. Then Gassam wrote the first picture in the series “Flags”, and after the parade on Independence Day in July of the same year - the second. The work was first exhibited at the Montross Gallery in New York and was praised by critics. Later it was acquired for his collection of Frank Sinatra.

Italian Day (from the Flags series) Childe Hassam1918, 91.4 × 71.4 cm Spring 2017 "July Fourth, 1916" will be one of the exhibits of the traveling exhibition "World War One and American Art", dedicated to the centenary of the US entry into armed conflict. According to artdaily .com