Announced the name of the woman whom Van Gogh gave his ear

Despite the reluctance of the descendants of the ladies to disclose her name to the general public, the secret became apparent after careful reading and comparing the facts of the book Van Gogh's Ear: The True Story by Bernadette Murphy, released last week. Details and documents are attached.It has been 130 years since the brilliant and insane Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear, and there were many versions about who he gave it to. It seems that they were replaced by a single fact: the artist gave the ear to the daughter of a farmer, Gabriel Berletje, who worked in a brothel.Self-portrait with a bandaged earVincent Van Gog January 1889, 60.5 × 50 cmThe investigation was published in The Art Newspaper — according to the wishes of the descendants Gabriel Berletje, only the woman’s name was indicated in the book. However, this turned out to be enough: the fact is that there also appears an episode that made it possible to determine the surname.
On January 8, 188, Gabrielle, an 18-year-old resident of a village 18 km from Arles, was bitten by a local shepherd’s dog with her left hand. The animal was shot, suspicions about his rabies were confirmed. Gabriel burned the wound with a red-hot iron (because of this, there was a scar on her arm), and was quickly sent to Paris, where she received a salvage injection of the latest rabies vaccine.

Actually, thanks to the diligent management and storage of documentation by the Pasteur Institute in Paris today it became possible to determine the full name of the girl.
A record of treatment from the Pasteur Institute with the name Gabrielle Berlatier, Institut Pasteur, Paris is given.

Night cafe (option) Vincent Van GoghSeptember 1888, 70 × 89 cmTreatment was expensive, the family got into debt, and Gabriel had to work in a brothel, and because of her young age she could not be registered as a prostitute and figured in the status of a servant. It was to her that the artist gave his cut off ear. There is some evidence that Gabriel also worked as a cleaner at the Café de la Gare, which was managed by friends of Van Gogh Joseph and Marie Gino (Joseph, Marie Ginoux) - the artist occupied the room there from May to September 1888, before moving into the little house with yellow nearby walls, so-called "Yellow House". The interior of the Café de la Gare is familiar to us from the famous painting of the artist, which he created three months before the incident with an ear.It is also reported about the future fate of Berlatier: she later married, she was destined to long life. About the meeting with Van Gogh she did not spread.The letter of Dr. Felix Ray, who treated the wound of Vincent Van Gogh in December 1888. For the first time, the correct version of who was given an ear was mentioned in a newspaper article of 1936 - “Gabi” appeared in the above article excerpt from a letter from police officer Alphonse Robert (Alphonse) Robert), who was called to a brothel on 1 Rue du Bout d'Arles, where he cut off his ear. The incident occurred on December 23, 1888. True, the newspapers of that time talked about Rachel — most likely it was the pseudonym of Gabriel Berlet. According to The Art Newspaper