Exhibition "Russia on the Way": Rome - Moscow

60 non-fiction works by more than 40 artists are hiding behind the low-profile facade of “development of transport” and analogies with the paths of development of a huge country: the exposition includes masterpieces of Alexander Deineka, Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Samokhvalov, Georgy Nissky, Alexander Labas ... art in Moscow, and after a successful tour in Rome, the exhibition “Russia on the way. By plane, by train, by car ”I moved to the home walls of Moscow IRRI.Semen Faibisovich. "Ring Road" (from the series "Regular Bus"). 1984 The exposition began in Rome: on October 16, it opened in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni exhibition center, one of the main centers of art in the Italian capital. The project included an educational program initiated by the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov and the University of La Sapienza (Rome, Italy).Vladimir Nesterov, “Earth is listening”. 196560 works and a little more than 40 artists: the exhibition presents masterpieces of Alexander Deineka, Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Samokhvalov, George Nissky, Alexander Labas. There are paintings and graphics artists of the sixties. It is all the more strange that after the tremendous success of the Romantic Realism exhibition in the Moscow Manege, there are no queues at the exhibition in IRRI. Perhaps the audience simply does not know about it ...Mikhail Anikeev, “Ways-roads”. 1954 The exhibition curators Nadezhda Stepanova and Matteo Lafranconi did a great job. Pictures came from a dozen museums and private collections. From the Tretyakov Gallery to the Kursk Art Gallery named after A. Deineka, from the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics to the National Gallery of Armenia - attracted everyone and everything in order to form a truly unique exhibition. And the matter is not only in transport: the exhibition guides the audience through the entire Soviet reality captured by contemporaries. People and time - the main objects of the exhibition.A. Shipov Azovstal. The 1970s The works are divided into several semantic blocks: “By plane, by train, by car”, “Road conversations”, “Technique of youth”, “Severe country”, “Space race”. Technique on them is a symbol of progress rather than a central object. Artists do not let the viewer forget that any technique is controlled by people, and it was created by people and for people.A. Plotnov, "Goodbye, Earthlings." 1979Photo exposure at IRRIAs the Italian co-curator of the exhibition, Matteo Lafranconi, notes, “in the west, social realismSocialist realism is an artistic method common in the art of the USSR and other socialist countries. It was approved at the party congress in 1932 as a tool to strengthen the authority of the party and promote state ideas. Read further is perceived as propaganda art, but it is not. There is also an interest in everyday life, for which Italians are very interesting to watch. ” The exposition was a great success in Rome, and no wonder: it showed the reality of what is happening in the Land of the Soviets, which had been behind the Iron Curtain for many years.Helium Korzhev. "Lodger". 1997 Exhibition "Russia on the way. By plane, by train, by car ”will work at the Institute of Russian Realistic Art until May 22.Yuri Pimenov "Creation of the World." 1973Boris Tsvetkov "Gidroaviation". 1933The main illustration: Yuri Pimenov, "New Moscow". 1937