Most of the MoMA collection is now available online.

65 thousand works from 200,000 collection of one of the world's largest museums became accessible to network users - is it a lot or a little? Well, it is necessary to begin a virtual tour of the works of artists from 1850 to the creations of our days - it does not seem like a little! And time flies by: Dali, Monet, Cassat, Ai Vevey, Liechtenstein, Bacon, Hockney, Richter ...Enlightened pleasuresSalvador Dali1929, 23 × 34 cmThe Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) houses over 200 thousand works by 10 thousand artists. Not all exhibits are visible to visitors, but now many pictures from the huge collection can be seen online - right up to the last craquelure!The advantages of virtual familiarization with the museum collection: a convenient search by various criteria and filters, the colors of works as close as possible to the original ones, the ability to enlarge them and examine the details, as well as learn information about this work and all the works of the author in the MoMA collection. By the way, if you take an interest in the letter “A”, you will find an impressive Adams family! Of course, creative ...A striking example is the work of George Gross “Poet Max German-Naisse”, 1927 (George Grosz, The Poet Max Herrmann-Neisse). Information in sight: oil painting, one of the 205 works of this author in the museum's collection. She portrays a friend of the expressionist artist Gross captured twice. Thirteen preparatory sketches were made, and after many hours of posing, the poet felt "at home" in the workshop. This work is not exhibited in the halls of the museum - perhaps due to the fact that in 2011 the heirs of the master sued, wanting to return the three works of the artist. The paintings were purchased in 1950 and remained in the collection of MoMa. Currently available online. About the fate of this and other German artists whose art under the Nazis was called "degenerate", we tell in a review of a stunning exhibition that takes place in Israel. ... And you can also arrange an exciting art party with a guessing the artist for the details of his work. And then the name of the picture! Learned? "Japanese Bridge" and "Water Lilies" Monet!What a paint! It looks like Andre Derain ...... And now we look at the work entirely and find out all the information about it on the site of Moscow State University. We wish you pleasant museum research and discoveries!