Academic studies, posters in memory of Sonia Delone and self-portraits of Ukrainian artists

The February exhibitions of Ukrainian galleries present a variety of projects: tribute to the past, the visible present, dreams of the future ... We are introduced to some of the exhibitions.

130 years since the birth of Sonya Delone

The 4th Block Graphic Designers Association and Grafprom Studio held an art event dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Sonia Delaunay. The first woman whose solo exhibition was held in the Louvre, a trendsetter who made Parisian dresses and even Parisian cars with her canvases, Sonya Delone and her husband created a pictorial style depicting “the movement of color in the light.”Poster Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha ... The whole world knows their posters. What factors led to the emergence of such a particular genre? We talk about the origins, development, features of this type of art and show the work of various masters. Read further artist Alice Simonova, Ukraine. For a month, the organizers received about 200 posters dedicated to the great Sonya Delone, her contribution to world art and design. 40 of them are shown at the exhibition in Kharkov gallery COME IN.See the gallery of works by Sonia Delone from the Arthiva collection. All the works submitted for the competition can be seen here. The exhibition of posters in the Kharkov gallery COME IN is open until February 27.


Today, the popularity of self is huge. The phenomenon of this trendy social phenomenon prompted the Ducat gallery's idea of ​​a most interesting exhibition. The “ERGO SUM” exposition is devoted to the picturesque self-portraits.The project brought together works of Ukrainian artists who depicted themselves on their canvases, with self-portraits for almost a 100-year period. The exhibition - 40 paintings and graphic works, among which are works of masters of classical painting, non-conformists and the "sixties", as well as our contemporaries and artists of the younger generation.The organizers emphasize that for an artist a self-portrait is not just an image of one’s own appearance, but also a process of self-knowledge, self-irony, an experiment on oneself, thinking. And the viewer will have the opportunity, so to speak, to find himself face to face with famous Ukrainian artists. Read also: “Know yourself: the 10 most famous self portraits”The exhibition runs until March 3.
Photos from the exhibition - page gallery "Ducat" on FB.


In Kiev, the art space of the Sky Art Foundation has successfully completed the show of the project of the Lviv artist Yuri Koval "Balance". New paintings Koval dedicated to the choice that rises before every person throughout their lives. The choice makes us better or worse, shaping the personality and destiny ...“In my work, I showed the layering of everyday personnel, which in one way or another influence the issues through which we make our choice,” Yury Koval describes his project. Black and white and cool colors, allegorical images and plots, comic and incompatible compatibility ... We look! More works of Lviv Yuri Koval can be found here.Photos from the exhibition of Yuri Koval - from the Sky Art Foundation page on the FB.

"Art School"

Vlada Ralko, Vladimir Budnikov and Alexander Babak presented their joint project “Art School”. Artists decided to show works created by the canons of the main disciplines of academic art education: still life Still life is a pictorial genre focusing on the depiction of the objective world. The name "still life" comes from the French nature morte or Italian natura morta, which translates as "dead nature." In a still life depict inanimate objects, compositionally located in a realistic space. To read further, plastic anatomy and double bare nature. The exhibition is held in the Kiev National Museum of Russian Art.Vladimir Budnikov presents still lifes: traditional geometric figures, from time to time - a vase, a bottle ... Intangible colors, elusive colors ... Modernity is refracted by echoes of metaphysics."Anatomical" works of Vlada Ralko are filled with images that are close to her cycle "Kiev diary" (2013−15). Semi-humans, half-skeletons, naked muscle groups and subject accents — rifle, target, monitor — such is the modernity that the artist sees and shows.The monumental canvas by Alexander Babak “Academic Triptych”, created by the artist in 2012–13, can be considered another author’s study of a production with two bare models. Cain, at his feet - Abel ... There is a story, a moral, and a non-trivial look at the traditional task for the artist.Project component - books, classics of textbooks on the visual arts. They not only build a historical context, but also serve as a kind of commentary on the works presented. The exhibition "Art School" can be visited until February 28.Photos from the exhibition - the page of the project "Art School" on FB.According to the press releases of museums and galleries