From Madrid to San Francisco: Bonnard retrospective went across the ocean

In the Museum of Fine Arts San Francisco held a retrospective "Pierre Bonnard: portraying Arcadia." There are more than 70 works, covering the entire career of the artist - from his early masterpieces of the Nabi period, experiments with photography, to the late hidden scenes that made him famous.“Picturing Arcadia” is the first major international exhibition of works by Pierre Bonnard on the West Coast of the USA in the last half century.Big Garden Pierre Bonnard 1895, 168 × 221 cm. San Francisco was the last item in the international tour of this exhibition. The journey began last year at the Paris Musee d'Orsay and then continued at the Gallery Fundación Mapfre in Madrid.DancersPierre Bonnard1896, 28 × 36 cm

Pierre Bonnard (1867 - 1947) was born not far from Paris in the family of a high-ranking official of the French military department. In 1887, he entered the Julian Academy in Paris, in the class of Paul Gauguin. The disciples of this illustrious master organized the Nabi group (the "prophets" in Hebrew), which Bonnard also joined.
Left: Pierre Bonnard, "Self-portrait" (c. 1904)

Workshop with mimosaPier Bonnard1946, 127.5 × 127.5 cm
  • Pierre Bonnard, The Dining Room
  • Pierre Bonnard, "Boxer (self portrait)"
By the beginning of the 20th century, the Nabidov company had broken up, and the artist refused to join a particular school for the remainder of his career. Instead, he experimented with the themes and methods of the Impressionists, as well as abstract visual images of modernism.
  • Pierre Bonnard, Dressing Table
  • Pierre Bonnard, "The Desk"
This exhibition is dedicated to Bonnard, as one of the defining figures of modernism in the period of transition from impressionism to abstraction. Among the many significant paintings the audience presented, in particular, “Man and Woman” (1900), in which the artist depicted his life companion and muse Marta de Meligny.A man and a womanPier Bonnard1900, 115 × 70 cmIn addition, at the exhibition you can see such masterpieces as “Boxer (Self-portrait)” (1931), “Desk” (1926 - 1937), and the decorative panel “View of Cannes” (1927 ), where the landscape The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the formation of the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read further southern France splatters with bright colors and light.View of Cannes Pierre Bonnard 1927, 233.6 × 233.6 cm The Bonnard has worked in many genres and techniques, including painting, drawing and photography. From the everyday and street scenes of the early Nabi period to the great elegies of the 20th century, the artist’s work became the basis of modernism, supported by his knowledge of the works of other cultures - including Japanese prints and Mediterranean mosaics."Woman in a dress with white polka dots (series" Women in the garden ")" Pierre Bonnard1891, 160.3 × 48 cm"Woman with a cat (series" Women in the garden ")" Pierre Bonnard1891, 160.3 × 48 cm"Woman in a plaid dress (series" Women in the garden ")" Pierre Bonnard1891, 160.3 × 48 cm"The Woman in the Moulder (series" Women in the Garden ")" Pierre Bonnard 1891, 160.3 × 48 cm. The exhibition "Pierre Bonnard: portraying Arcadia" in the Museum of Fine Arts San Francisco will last until May 15.Woman with a Cat (Demanding Cat) Pierre Bonnard1812, 78 × 75.5 cmAfter materials from the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts. The main illustration is Pierre Bonnard, Pastoral Symphony (1916 - 1920)