Picasso's stolen painting found in Istanbul ... But turned out to be a copy

Istanbul police reported the return of stolen paintings by Pablo Picasso. To do this, the law enforcement officers had to carry out a secret operation with the participation of undercover agents. For a month, they negotiated with two sellers of “Nude, combing hair” (“Women combing hair”) before they arrested them in one of the city cafes.However, the picture was only a copy of the masterpiece of the most famous painter of the XX century.

The suspects asked for a work allegedly written in 1940, $ 8 million. After a lengthy bargaining, the price was reduced to seven million, reports Anadolu news agency.
According to an anonymous police source, the masterpiece was stolen from a female collector in New York and shipped to Istanbul for sale. When the robbery occurred is unknown.
Left: Pablo Picasso, 1908 photo

However, experts said that the work, which fell into the hands of Turkish police, is a copy. The original is at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA).
  • Pablo Picasso, "Portrait of a Woman (Dora Maar)" (1943)
  • Pablo Picasso, "Dora Maar with a Cat" (1941)
Dora Maar, the muse and mistress of Picasso since 1930, is depicted on the canvas.