The legend of the world street art S215 in the Erarta Museum

Christian Gemi (Christian Guémy), known worldwide as C215, “exhibits” his works on the walls of houses in disadvantaged areas of cities. Now his art is represented in the St. Petersburg Erarta Museum. Stencils, cans, and ... psychological portraits with which this "guru of street art" has earned fame.Until December 18, in the exhibition halls on the third floor of the museum you can see painted objects, frescoes, photos, texts, videos - all this reveals to the viewer the different facets of the C215 talent. As if the work of the prisoner in the ideal "Panoptikon", the artist's work is available for viewing by the observer - everyone, from all sides.Gemi uses painstaking stencil technology. His street art is close to painting in its classical sense, his work is the smallest elaboration of details, half tones and half-tones. The artist himself declares that he works extremely quickly, without pretentious demonstrative movements, advocating simplicity and honesty in the image.“My tools are stencils and cans, but I'm not a vandal at all. I do not destroy, - says the artist. - My art is always contextual. I create works with great respect for cities. I do not inspire prosperous areas. It is much more interesting for me to draw on a destroyed building, on an electrical panel, on an old mailbox. I firmly believe that street art can change the cities and everyday life of people living in them. ”The art of Christian Gemi is social, but there is no harsh criticism, protest or appeal to action — everything that we are used to in street art. There is no attempt to shock the viewer. Christian always emphasizes that he is not an actionist at all, but rather a portrait artist, that is, a private, personal image of his characters.At the exhibition in the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, celebrities and political figures flash in a dynamic rhythm before the audience, and in the neighborhood with them unknown heroes, vagrants and beggars. Works S215 - an elegant analytical tool, a romantic attempt to transform the urban environment. Christian frescoes require reflection from all participants in the process: the author, the inhabitants of the city, the urban spaces themselves. His messages are transparent, they are addressed not only to the community of street artists and amateurs, but to everyone.Christian focuses on different psychological states and moods of people, he pays attention to an individual character and his history. The main tool of C215 is empathy, the desire to understand a person’s inner emotional experiences, capture the expression of his eyes and convey his story. The exhibition of the living legend of world street art Christian Gemi “Panoptikon” is open until December 18, 2016. A press release and illustrations of the Erart Museum are used.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition: Yuri Dormidoshin, Erarta Museum. Yuri Dormidoshin