Officially. "Savior of the World" will appear before the public in September

Make a note in your calendars: On September 18, the most expensive painting on the planet, the Savior of the World, will debut in the Louvre of Abu Dhabi. The panel, sold last November at Christie's in New York for $ 450 million, is credited with Leonardo da Vinci. And the museum itself promises to present the “inclusive nature of its narrative” in a favorable light.This outrageous purchase is still accompanied by confusion. The New York Times newspaper reported that the panel was purchased by the Saudi prince as a gift to the museum, while official representatives of the UAE said that the State Department of Culture and Tourism did this through an agent. In March, the British Daily Mail even published a strange rumor that at the auction, without knowing it, buyers from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates opposed each other, and ultimately Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman gave way to Abu Dhabi in exchange for yachtSavior of the World (Salvator Mundi) Leonardo da Vinci1500, 65.7 × 45.7 cm In any case, the 83-day countdown now begins before the official presentation of the “Savior of the World” to the public. The panel will become the center of the museum's collection. "In the chronological narrative of the world of the Louvre of Abu Dhabi, the artwork will be placed at the appropriate stage of history, in the section devoted to the study of our era," said a museum spokesman.
“This masterpiece, which has long been forgotten, will now be our gift to the world. And we are looking forward to people from all over the world to witness its beauty, ”said Mohamed Khalifa Al-Mubarak, head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi.Visitors to the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Photo: Christopher Pike / The National500-year-old picture was considered a copy of the original by Leonardo, until the experts, during an extensive restoration, removed the later repainting layers and came to the conclusion that this was a work of the master himself. The mysterious panel is considered to be one of the few surviving works attributed to the genius of the Renaissance (until a general consensus has been reached regarding about 20 other pictures).

"The Savior of the World" will be the second work of Leonardo da Vinci, which will be exhibited in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Now there you can see a portrait of an unknown, called the “Beautiful Ferronier” (1490), which he borrowed from his French museum-companion. The painting should return to Paris in November, after the Savior of the World.
“We believe that for residents and guests of Abu Dhabi from around the world, this will be a great opportunity to see rare and significant work of great cultural significance,” said a spokesman for the museum.
Left: Leonardo da Vinci, "Beautiful Ferroniere" (1490). Louvre, Paris

According to the press secretary, after the debut in the United Arab Emirates, the picture will go to the Louvre in Paris, where the Leonardo retrospective hit, timed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the death of the Italian artist. The French exhibition will be held from October 24, 2019 to February 24, 2020. For the first time, a museum from the Emirates will lend work to a Parisian institution that has already lent Abu Dhabi hundreds of works as part of a 30-year agreement signed in 2007.
After the Paris tour, “The Savior of the World” will return in Abu Dhabi for a long time. Arthiv: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram
Based on news Artnet. Main illustration: Christie's employee in front of Leonardo da Vinci's “Savior of the World”; photo - Tolga Akmen / AFP