The French refuse to accept Jeff Koons "gift"

About two dozen artists, gallery owners and officials signed an open letter urging the municipality of Paris not to install the 12-meter “Bouquet of Tulips”, which American Jeff Koons allegedly “donates” to the French capital in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015. An open letter was published on Monday, January 22, the newspaper Libération.The authors of the letter, including the winner of the Cannes Film Festival, director Olivier Assayas, questioned both the aesthetic qualities of the sculpture and the technical details of its installation. Jeff Koons’s intention to present the sculpture as a gift to France on behalf of the United States was announced at the end of 2016. However, its cost did not include the cost of the actual manufacture and installation. To cover them, it is required, according to some estimates, about 3.5 million euros, or nearly 4.3 million US dollars. And although it was initially stated that these costs will be borne by private donors, the authors of the appeal fear that they will have to pay part of the taxpayers' money.

The memorial, which is now cast in Germany, is a giant hand holding a bouquet of multi-colored tulips. He recalls the Statue of Liberty with a torch, which at one time was presented by the French to the Americans. Koons stated that he was inspired by the paintings of Jean-Honore Fragonard and Pablo Picasso to create a monument of steel, bronze and aluminum. For the sculpture took place between the Paris Museum of Contemporary Art and the Tokyo Palace.
Left: A 3D illustration of the work at the site of the intended installation. Photo: Noirmontartproduction

However, cultural figures, who signed the letter, accused the sculptor of "product Placemet." "The brilliant and inventive creator of the 1980s, Jeff Koons, has now become a symbol of industrial art, theatrical and speculative," the letter says.Jeff Koons puts his signature on a BMW artmobile. Photos via Atrdaily The authors indicate that the site for the memorial is located far from the Stade de France, the Bataklan concert hall and the nearby bars, where jihad supporters killed a total of 130 people. In addition, according to the signatories, the work symbolically does not correspond to the topic, it will close the view of the Eiffel Tower, the pavement will not withstand the 30-ton sculpture, and the French artists were not given the opportunity to demonstrate their versions of the memorial. "We, artists, politicians, professionals and amateurs French art scene, we demand a rejection of this initiative, ”the letter says.Jeff Koons is often criticized for being too fond of pop culture and kitsch. Sculpture "Michael Jackson and the Bubbles" (2007) in the Palace of Versailles Members of the French art community and previously expressed their concern about the project. Last year, the New York Times reported on technical and financial problems associated with setting up work. Then art critic Isabel Pasquier from France Inter told the newspaper: “Whether you value the work of Jeff Koons or not, he is primarily a businessman. And we quickly realized that he offered Paris as a gift to himself. ”It is expected that the“ Bouquet of Tulips ”will be installed in the French capital this year. The Archthus: read us in Telegram and look at Instagram on the materials of AFP and Artnews. Main illustration: Jeff Koons poses in front of the Tulips sculpture near Christie's headquarters in New York; Photo - Jamie McCarthy / AFP