Edible Magritte and Archimboldo help the museums of England!

The nutrient medium of museums is not only art, but also finance. With the means “effortlessness” everywhere, and the Art Foundation of Great Britain made a very tasty project “Edible Masterpieces” - “Edible Masterpieces”: create culinary wonders in the form of works of art, sell and play, the proceeds to museums, participants - fame and tickets with tickets to Exhibitions. Oh, what a delicious Van Gogh!4 seasons. Summer. First seriesJuseppe Archimboldo1563, 67 × 50.8 cmWould you like to participate? Register on the site and get recipes, ideas in the form of pictures, and tips on how to more profitably manage your creations, helping museums. By the way, we were not surprised to see the proposed works: how to do without the “natyur-muzzles” of the brush of Arcimboldo, where the images are made up of vegetables, fruits, other products? , Facebook and Twitter, expose your recipes, share the experience of selling sushi in the style of cubists, cakes based on Pete Mondrian, and a souffle in the form of an eye on Magritte.

Then you can arrange a mega-party with eating masterpieces, contemplating the reproductions of the originals and charitable fundraising, or sell the beauty at auction among neighbors, and even in the class of the art studio of a daughter. We act! Your contribution - oil painting, Bender.

So, we meet (do not feed us with bread - let me have some fun!): Magritte, Picasso, da Vinci, Munch, again Leonardo (by the way - “one Russian couple”), Modrian, Pollock, Koons ... Sold! A little later - "Eaten"! The culmination of the event (parties, auctions) offer to arrange May 9, so that the event has found a single date. But it’s worth getting ready now: 25 of the most beautiful and delicious dishes based on works of art will compete for the main prize - a trip for two with free attendance of the most interesting current exhibitions.