Top 10 most elegant art gifts for the New Year

December is time to think about gifts! We have collected the most colorful and unusual editions that appeared in 2016. Bosch's stunning album, coloring book based on the works of Lev Bakst, Shakespeare in the submission of Vladislav Yerko, “the same” Munchausen in the illustrations of Lev Kaplan, Hokusai in three dimensions and the culinary book of Salvador Dali are all marvelous albums and books available to a wide circle of art lovers.

Big wave in 3D

Publisher "Thames & Nudson" pleased connoisseurs of art with an album of a larger format with six works by the Japanese master Hokusai, presented in bulk. It is noted that the author was an unusually prolific artist who created in the ukiyo-e genre (translated as images or paintings of a changing world). The engravings laid out above the plane of this large in size album look especially interesting and very ... present!The publisher offers an album for £ 19.95, the Amazon website (look for the title of Hokusai Pop-Ups) for about $ 25.Images of the changeable world made volumetric famous designer Courtney Watson McCarthy. Here is another example of his work - an album with the works of Salvador Dali.

Magic in the square

"Harry Potter" is akin to the New Year. It seems to be for children, it seems to be undignified, but how many adults around the world love this fairy tale! Among those, and the British artist Jim Kay.
In 2012, he received the Kate Greenway Medal for an illustration of Patrick Ness's science fiction novel The Monster's Voice. One of the main awards for designers of children's books was for the winner a “ticket” to the Potteriana: Kay was noticed by its author JK Rowling. The artist was offered to create illustrations for all seven volumes published at that time.Jim Kay on the background of his work The British says that it caused him to have a "mixture of delight and horror." He was very afraid "to become famous as the man who destroyed the most popular children's book in history."
The fears were in vain: the illustrations caused mostly positive, and often enthusiastic reviews. Including from Rowling herself: “The illustrations of Jim Kay startled me to the depths of my soul. I love his view of the world of Harry Potter, and it is a great honor for me that Jim agreed to decorate this world with his talent. ”The book is published in Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​- not all volumes have been published yet, but the beginning looks really magical!

Little sinful pleasures

For the first time since 1973, the German publishing house Taschen has released a collection of recipes, Les Diners de Gala (Gala Dinners), a culinary book of the great and terrible Salvador Dali. With his own illustrations, naturally.

The surrealist himself described this publication as “lively, aggressive and bold”. Some of the titles of the chapters are: “Autumn cannibalism”, “Sodomized snacks”, “Little sinful pleasures” and similar challenges of public morality.

The price of a book on the Amazon website is $ 36.7.Illustration for the book "Les Diners de Gala" by Salvador Dali1971In more detail about the artist's unique undertaking - in the special article "Arthive" (you will make an impression about the recipes)

Alice in the country of Dali

The famous creation of Lewis Carroll - a children's fairy tale, which adults love, and again Salvador Dali. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the release of "Alice in Wonderland" for the first time since the first (expensive) circulation, a book has been re-released with illustrations of the same great and terrible.

Now the publication can be bought, for example, on "Amazon". Prices range from 12 to 19 dollars.

That Munchhausen ...

And one more “non-children's children's book” - the unfading “Adventures of Baron Munchhausen”. This time - with illustrations by Lev Kaplan. A native of Ukrainian Lugansk, since 1992 he lives in Stuttgart (Germany). He says that he still looks at everything through the eyes of a child - a very talented child, it should be noted!

The artist also illustrated the "Tales of the Black Forest" by the Brothers Grimm.“Actually, I was planning another illustration for the cover of the Brothers Grimm Saga: I wanted to put a rat-catcher playing a pipe, in front of which a rat dances in jester's clothes ...” Read more about the work of Lev Kaplan (plus many illustrations) in his interview to Arthive ".

Comedy of mistakes with a bad ending

Another famous illustrator, Vladislav Yerko, designed the new Ukrainian-language edition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (translated by Yuri Andrukhovich). We arranged the virtual premiere of this extraordinary publication with the artist.The gift book from the Ababagalamaga publishing house is far from the standard idea of ​​the story, which is “no sadder in the world”. After all, the artist considers the play not a tragedy, but a “comedy of mistakes with a bad ending” and does not neglect erotic motives.Read also the interview with Vladislav Yerko, which includes many illustrations provided by the artist "Arthive": "I embody everything that I want to do in book illustrations"

The devil is in the details

- this is how “Taschen” presents its magnificent brainchild: an album of works by Hieronymus Bosch. This edition is an enlarged format, with folding pages. The height of the book is about 45 cm, all for the convenience of looking at the details!The reason for the release of a luxurious album was the 500th anniversary of the death of the Dutch master of nightmares. "Particular attention is paid to the most famous work of Bosch - a fascinating and terrifying triptych" Garden of earthly pleasures, "- said the publisher.Triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" - a turn in the book-album. By the way, the Oscar-winning actor and public figure Leonardo di Caprio presented this book to Pope Francis. He is known, in particular, as an active environmentalist, and the cinematographer associates the present state of the planet with the Garden of Earthly Delights, more precisely, with the blackened sky on the right wing of the triptych ...
Read more - in the material "Arthive".The publishing house offers the Hieronymus Bosch album book: Complete Works in the usual format (300 pages about A4 size) for £ 27.99, and in the original, enlarged format - for 99.99. Both versions of the book are also available on the Amazon website (standard edition - about $ 30, enlarged format - about 115).

Invaluable contribution

... That is how the Russian Museum characterizes what Lev Bakst did for theatrical-decorative art. The creation of this painter and graphics is devoted to the publication issued by the institution. In addition to illustrations, the album contains a scientific article in which the biography and works of the master are viewed “in the context of domestic and foreign culture of the late XIX - first third of the twentieth century”, a detailed chronicle of the artist’s life and work.Cleopatra costume design for Ida Rubinstein for the ballet "Cleopatra" to music by A. S. Arensky Lev Samoilovich Bakst (Leon Bakst) 1909, 28 × 21 cmAnother interesting accent of the anniversary celebration is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lev Bakst - a coloring book on his works. The publication contains 24 pages of 24 by 28 cm. There will be something to do during the long winter evenings during school holidays! Visitors to the exhibition could buy a book in a museum, well, now Internet shops have picked up the baton.See also our photo report and overview of the Lev Bakst exhibition in St. Petersburg: from portraits and landscapes to fabrics and costumes

From bronze to photo

Kiev publishing house "Rodovid" released the art calendar "Ukrainian art: from the Bronze Age to today." Presented as a "brief history of Ukrainian art for every day."Signed works of outstanding authors who worked in Ukraine and abroad, including "almost all Ukrainian avant-garde / modernist / landscape / academic / primitive"; ancient icons, naive paintings, mothers, embroidery, carpets, textiles, decorations, powder flasks, candlesticks, chests, sculptures - all this variety is on the pages of the calendar. Ancient cultures (Tripoli, Bronze Age, Polovtsian and Sarmatian times, Kievan Rus) and modern photographers are presented - all and everything, to which and what the books of the "Rodovida" were devoted during a quarter of a century.

Masterpieces for kids

Another Kiev publishing house, Osnova, presented the second edition (the first one came out in 2014) of the ABC by Anna Kopylova. This is the first Ukrainian alphabet, illustrated with masterpieces of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative art from the collection of the National Museum of Art named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko. Each letter has one or more works.

P.S. How to cope with a child ...

When this material was being prepared, we became aware of the release of a new book by Svetlana Dorosheva. Known for her illustrations of the “Book found in a water lily” (she was recently included in the review of The Guardian website), the mother of three children created another author’s book: “How to cope with a child. Guide in 22 episodes and illustrations. We believe that the gift will be able to deliver to the New Year (or to Christmas) - the book is already out of print and orders on Internet sites are accepted.“Man, from the point of view of elves and fairies, is an amazing creature. As the work of illustrator Svetlana Dorosheva to her recently published book. Add in the portfolio of phantasmagoria for the anniversary crocodile almanacs and myriads of elegant stories about fashion and life, and get a topic for an interesting conversation. With illustrations! ”- read our interview with the artist.Well, the "book tree" in the art world this year was a success. Happy reading and happy new year!