Everywhere to the table. Journey "Absinthe lover" on the famous paintings

If you watched the Harry Potter films or read the books of JK Rowling, you probably remember how the heroes of the “living” canvases that decorated the walls of Hogwarts went to visit each other from one painting to another. Approximately the same thing happens in the works of Andrei Sikorsky from the new series "Art-trip Lovers of Absinthe." True traveler here is only one, but where it just did not drift ...The artist and animator Andrei Sikorsky became famous online due to his two previous major projects related to famous paintings. In 2015, Sikorsky began to publish on his Facebook page the acclaimed "Kotov famous artists." The heroine of the painting by Pablo Picasso in this series also appeared - turning into “The Lover of Valerian”.And in 2017, the “Postmodern Project Substitution” appeared, in which Sikorsky replaced the heroes of the pictures with not cats, but with the heroes of other pictures. At the end of last year, in an album with works from this series, the artist published several at once with Absinthe Lover. And soon the melancholic woman in blue and her siphon became heroes of the solo project.It turned out that “Absinthe Lover” fits perfectly into almost any picture. She helps the Cossacks to write a letter to the Sultan, very reliably sad in the Savrasovsky landscape, and even in the "Dance" of Matisse she looks organically. What to say about the set of paintings, which initially have a table. And on some multi-figured canvases (for example, in Bruegel) the search for “Absinthe Lover” turns into an analogue of children's riddles from the “Find Wally” series.Source of illustrations: Andrey Sikorsky's Facebook page.