Metropolitan Museum of Art has become one of the main characters of the film "8 Ocean's Friends"

The Metropolitan Museum in New York played a pivotal role in one of the most anticipated films of this summer, “8 Ocean's Friends”. Criminal blockbuster is a full-length spin-off of the beloved trilogy about Danny Ocean's friends with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. This time the plot is twisted around a massive diamond necklace, which for half a century has been locked in the vault of Cartier. To steal it, a group of sophisticated thieves penetrates to the annual charity ball "Met Gala", dressed in the best evening dresses.

Since the release of "11 Ocean's friends" 17 years have passed. Now Danny's sister, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), entered the game. She spent more than five years in prison, planning a robbery of the world-famous museum during the starry party in the world.
In her team, Debbie called the owner of the nightclub Lou (Cate Blanchett), jeweler Amita (Mindy Kaling) and the former thief, and now the exemplary mother Tammy (Sarah Paulson). They are helped by fashion designer Rose Wyle (Helena Bonham Carter), street pickpocket Constance (Aquafina) and hacker Leslie nicknamed Nine (Rihanna).
Left: poster for the film “8 friends of ocean”

Ocean is not going to rob the Metropolitan Museum. Her goal is a Cartier necklace worth $ 150 million borrowed for a party to actress and mistress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), thanks to some behind-the-scenes machinations of Debbie and her team. At the same time, the main character wants to take revenge on her former boyfriend, gallery owner Claude Bekker (Richard Armitage). He involved her in fraud, and then testified against her in court, sending her to prison.Frame from the film “8 friends of Ocean”: costumed “Met Gala”. Photo: Barry Wetcher, Warner Bros. Filmmakers paid close attention to the smallest details and his famous ball, which every spring suits the Institute of Costumes. In the film "8 Girlfriends of Ocean" the party is called "Scepter and Power: Five Centuries of Royal Dress". International editor of Vogue magazine and curator of real fashion shows Hamish Bowles created a convincing copy of the reception especially for filming.
(In real life this year, the theme of the show was Catholicism "Heavenly bodies: fashion and Catholic imagination"; some stars from "8 Ocean's Friends" passed along the red carpet, for example, Rihanna in the papal tiara and Cartier necklace).The stars of the film “8 Ocean's Friends” at the ball “Heavenly bodies: fashion and the Catholic imagination” in the Metropolitan Museum in 2018. Photo: Glamour Bowls and art director Alex DiGerlando have planned and implemented the “Scepter and Power” for nine months. The ball itself was filmed in a specially constructed pavilion due to the tight schedule of the museum and the lack of space in it. The action takes place around the sparkling pool, although some of the water was added by a computer so that the garments are not affected by moisture.
Dresses and robes were provided by Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Zac Posen and other brands from their collections inspired by the fashion of the royal courts of the Tudors and Louis XIV. And the jewelry was created by the film decorator Michael Jortner in collaboration with the jeweler. To top it off, Bowles also wrote explanations for each part of the episode and made historical references, although they do not appear on the screen. “We did everything as if we were preparing for a real show at the museum,” he said.Helena Bonham Carter as Rose Wyle in the film “8 Ocean's Friends”. Photo: Barry Wetcher / Warner Bros. PicturesThe film presents real masterpieces from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum. Debbie Ocean and her accomplices appear on the background of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani, Paul Cezanne and John Singer Sargent. “We had to be extremely careful. One wrong step, and there would have been a disaster costing more than the film’s budget, says tape director Harry Ross. “We informed the Metropolitan Museum of every movement: how we will load and unload, where the cameras can be and where they don’t.” Fortunately, everything went without a hitch, without a hitch. Episodes were filmed for ten days - longer than Met ever allowed.
In one of the fragments, Debbie Ocean is standing in front of Emanuel Leutz's painting “Washington Ships Through Delaware.” Confusion suddenly arises, but not because the famous painting was stolen. It turns out that next to the monumental original is a smaller version, where all the male figures are replaced - this is a meta-nod to the cast of the film - female.Washington is transported through DelawareEmanuel Gottlieb Leutse1851, 37.9 × 64.8 cmThanks to the trick of the main heroine, this fact falls into the press. And the artistic online edition suggests that British street artist Banksy, known for his partisan works of art, is behind the clever prank. (For reference: he reports on his new works on his website, so that online magazines are first looking for confirmation there). However, Ersatz-Banksy needs Debbie Ocean only to allow Met to review her security protocols, which will give her team the ability to hack the system.
Meanwhile, in real life, Banksy was able to secretly place his work in Met - this happened in 2005. Then the newspaper "New York Times" described it as "a small image of a woman in a gas mask." He did the same at the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the American Museum of Natural History.Banksy places his picture in the Metropolitan Museum in 2005. Photo: artnet News via BanksyMet, of course, is not the only side of the New York art world, presented in the film. It features the Yardley's auction house, in which viewers can easily guess Christie's. Debbie Ocean hires a lot of innocent-looking old ladies, who say that rich lovers gave them jewels in their youth, in order to sell diamonds mined there by fraud.
In real life, selling stolen diamonds is about as “simple” as “pushing” a famous painting — that is, simply impossible. Not least because precious diamonds are usually marked with a laser with the registration number of the Gemological Institute of America.

As for the “Toussaint” necklace, this is fiction, although it is based on the history of Cartier's masterpiece, which Jacques Cartier created in 1931 for the Maharaja of the Principality of Navanagar. The centerpiece of the jewel, which no longer exists, was the “Queen of Holland” - a white-blue diamond weighing 136.25 carats.
Jewelry House Cartier made a new version based on archival photos and sketches. True, a copy of about 20 percent less than the original - to fit the elegant figure of Anne Hathaway.
Left: Preserved fragments of the necklace of Maharaja Navanagar. Photo: Eric Bidou / Cartier

On the left - Maharaja Navanagar in a necklace by Jacques Cartier, on the right - the original design that created the decoration for the film “8 Oushena's Friends” Photo: Cartier Archives London The Toussaint Necklace, named for the creative director of Cartier in the 1930s, Jeanne Toussaint, was created just like a real jewel. “Usually, it takes at least eight months to fulfill a special order of such importance. We did it in eight weeks, ”said Pierre Reinerau, director of style and heritage for the house of Cartier.
But if the jewelry brand created a necklace of real stones, it would be worth more than $ 100 million. For comparison, the film's budget was only 70 million. Instead of diamonds, the fictional jewelery is made of zirconium oxides set in white gold. But at the same time, throughout the film, many of Cartier's real necklaces appear. The premiere of the blockbuster "8 Ocean's Friends" in the USA took place last Friday, June 8, and during the first weekend of hire, he earned 41.6 million dollars. In Russia and Ukraine, the show starts on June 21.Arthiv: read us in Telegraf and look in Instagram
Based on artnet News. The main illustration: a frame from the film "8 friends of Ocean"; photo - Rihanna Daily