"Masterpieces of world plastics" from Degas and Dali to Mayol and Archipenko: the art of mutual aid - in Mystetsky Arsenal

About 150 sculptures from the collection of the Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Igor Voronov, including Degas, Mura, Modigliani, Archipenko, Dali, Picasso, Rodin, Rodin, Giacometti’s “bronzes”, are designed to help Kiev’s museum and exhibition complex survive. The public is intrigued by “loud” names, the visitors' comments about the exposition in the Mystetsky Arsenal are unambiguous: you have to go!Collecting art in Ukraine is comparable to banking. And the money in the bank, and Ukrainian collections "love silence." Specific economies, imperfect legislation, and even the very memory of the “dashing 90s” are the three whales on which the silence of most of our collectors is based. But the more distinctly on the general "silent" background is the figure of one of the main patrons of the Ukrainian sovrisk in recent years, the most active trustee of the Mystetsky Arsenal, Mr. Igor Voronov. The fame of his sculpture collection has been going on since the beginning of the 2000s and at the exhibitions of the Ukrainian House (this prototype of the present Mystetsky Arsenal was also led by Natalia Zabolotnaya). And after a special presentation of the collection of bronz Degas on the street. Lavrskaya about every Voronov collector was learned, it seems, by every Ukrainian pensioner and student.In the center of the exhibition - bronze ballet dancers Edgar Degas.A more complete picture of the “sculptural” part of the collection of Mr. Voronov - or simply once again admire the author’s copies of the most famous sculptures of the twentieth century, without going around half of Europe - today you can once again be in Mystetsky Arsenal.And although the exhibition, in essence, is a “clone” of the sensational analogous project of MA 2013. “One Hundred Masterpieces of World Sculpture,” but does Rodin, ballet dancer Degas, Arkhipenko, Moore, or the sophisticated Modigliani ever get bored? ...One of the most valuable works in the collection is the “Female Head” by Amadeo Modigliani.The sculptures, with rare exceptions, are very small, and the museum spaces are vast. However, the balance has been maintained: the lighting, the “background” reproductions of the paintings of the masters emphasize the style and plasticity of the exhibits, and also accompany a good photo of visitors.- Mr. Voronov, we know well about the “sculptural” part of your collection. But could you tell us about the meeting as a whole? Very little is known to “your” painting to a wide audience, - having improved the moment, he immediately inquired “Arthiv” from the most famous, and one of the most “closed” ones for communication with the press, by the collector of Ukraine.
Voronov pondered, sadly glanced in the direction of his security staff, waiting a little to the side, and answered quietly:
- What do you say? I have a good collection!- I do not divide my collection into “sculpture” and “painting”. All this is just art. It belongs not to me alone, but to the whole world. That's why I want the maximum of people to see it, ”Mr. Voronov himself told during the press conference before the opening of the exhibition.“I am pleased that many of the world's leading artists, in particular, Alexander Archipenko, were ethnic Ukrainians,” he also stressed. - But if we do nothing for the presentation of national art, someone else will do it for us. And he will say that this is his, and not our, national treasure ...
Look at the video below for Mr. Voronov’s speech in full. By the way, Giacometti’s own office was given to Arsenal for a noble mission: to draw public attention to the problems of the exhibition complex. It needs to be reconstructed and equipped - but there is no money.

The general director of Mystetsi Arsenal calls on Ukrainians to create “clubs of museums friends” - and to support them with hryvnia as patrons of art.

Today, says M.A. Natalya Zabolotnaya, General Director, financing is barely enough for a “banal survival”. With the help of “volunteers” -shared world sculptures in AI, they expect to attract new philanthropists from among ordinary Ukrainians. They are once again offered to join the Friends Mystetsky Arsenal Club (a charitable contribution of 1000 UAH - about $ 50). And simply - make voluntary donations, anyone who can. Arsenal called on colleagues - Ukrainian museums, to support and develop the initiative to create such “clubs of friends” and “trusteeship councils.” Over time, they are confident in the exhibition complex, charity, and not only financing from the state budget, it will definitely become a regularity of the existence of domestic museums, as in the West.While the Arsenal leadership is making plans for the future, in its halls there is a real crowd of the very "ordinary" visitors, whose financial assistance is so much expected by everyone.

The most touching section of the exhibition is the sculptures in the Art Deco style of Demeter Chiparus. Created from bronze, stone and ivory, glittering with gold, dressed in theatrical costumes, lovers of harlequins from “Eternal History”, dancing “Bayaderes” and “Kamorany”, flirty “Girl with a book” and “On the beach” resemble precious dolls. They are absolutely delighted - all women and, of course, children.
"Girl with a book" by Dmitri Chiparus - the embodiment of modernity.

Share Share ShareThe center of attention is the “rastiar” ballerinas in the dance and the thin-legged horses of Degas. In total, Voronov's collection contains 74 of his sculptures, about a quarter of them are exhibited in the Arsenal. But no less interest - to any other sections.Rodin is crowded around the “Thinker” and the “Cathedral”, “Eternal Spring” and “Gates of Hell” - yes, there were times when we could only see them on black and white “Hermitage” postcards! Among the female figures of Aristide Maillol’s authorship, oh, how could he be vilified for his “vacuity”, the absence of social pathos, and so on, Soviet art historians in the 1930s! - the majority allocates marble "Tu, which lies." Sleeping maiden - as if alive.Not to push through - to a miniature, palm-tall, bronze "Venus of Milos with drawers", "Centaur", "Ommazh Newton" of our Dali Salvador. But the "neighbor" - Catalan exposure, Picasso, no luck. He, like a souvenir, the same miniature bronze exhibited in glass boxes, windows. Looking around, a visitor broke one of them during the opening. Fortunately, the metal does not beat ...“The Walking Woman” by Alexander Archipenko is a real gem of the collection of Igor Voronov. In Ukraine, there are almost no sculptures of the master, so seeing this and his other works at the exhibition is a great success for art lovers.More valuable and Chiparus, and copyright (but, alas, not the first) castings of the famous "bronzes" of other geniuses, on the "Masterpieces of World Plastics" - of course, the work of Alexander Archipenko. Stone female silhouettes and the legendary "Walking Woman" open exposure. Farewell to them and complete the inspection. Actually, it would be worthwhile to go to Arsenal even for the sake of a single genius of cubism. They say when (and if) MA are finally restored, and it will truly become the “Ukrainian Hermitage” - masterpieces of this level from private collections will be part of the permanent exhibition.The exhibition "Masterpieces of World Plastics" will last until December 6. We also remind you about the exhibition of the legendary collection of works by the masters of the Ukrainian avant-garde Igor Dychenko (as we wrote, it was donated to the people of Ukraine by his widow and heir Valeria Virska): until November 22, you can enjoy two excellent expositions. , also in the material - the author's photo.